Where Are You On Your Way To?

Now, you know that I’m a total advocate of taking time out to just ‘be’ – it’s vitally important for your health, your growth and to enable your inspired thoughts & ideas to happen. I’ve often mentioned to you that my very best ideas happen when my mind’s in ‘neutral’ – in the shower, walking in beautiful surroundings, reading a book or, as recently, on holiday.

What I’m not saying here is that you must be on the go from dawn ’til dusk, running yourself ragged! Absolutely not – that’s the opposite of what I’m saying.

What I am saying is that, as human beings, we’re designed to be consistently learning & growing and stepping into our bigger, authentic, brilliant self, which always takes us on to new adventures.

I call it living ‘on-purpose’.

Therefore, it’s crucial for our mental, physical and spiritual health to understand that we have an inbuilt desire to grow and be the best version of us we can be – which we ignore at our peril!

So, what’s the difference between living on-purpose and not?

This is the difference:

Benefits of Living On-Purpose Costs of living ‘off’ Purpose
Good physical & mental health Debilitating stress
A deep sense of passionate direction Feeling lost
Contentment, peace, fulfilment, happiness Loss of personal peace
Positivity & energy Fearfulness & anxiety
Knowing you make a difference Emptiness & lack of meaning
Adding value to the lives of others Feels like a superficial life
Understanding your place in the world & beyond Alienation from yourself
Living in a state of abundance & gratitude Scarcity & smallness
A sense of meaning that transcends the physical Spiritual & emotional pain
Achieving your dreams Regrets for what you didn’t do
Tapping into your power Feeling powerless to control your life
Living a big, extraordinary life Overall confusion, listlessness & frustration
Success – making an impact on the world. Boredom, dullness & pointlessness.

It’s almost shocking to see this written down in words, isn’t it, especially if you find yourself mostly in the second column?

And you know what? I was in that second column when I turned 40.

It wasn’t that I was ‘unhappy’ – my life, on the surface, looked pretty damned good. It was that I felt a deep sense of being ‘lost’, of not knowing where I fitted in the world or why I was here, and of knowing, on some level I couldn’t explain, that there was ‘more’ for me that I hadn’t yet scratched the surface of.

To be honest, at times, I wondered if I was going mad and whether I was the only person who felt like this. But the feeling was so strong that I decided to find out what my ‘more’ was, which led me, as part of my journey, to become a Life and Career Coach. This is where I discovered that so many other women – successful, stunning women – were feeling the same as I had and this is what led me to design a programme whereby they could discover their ‘more’, by stepping into their on-purpose life.

Living on-purpose is what the ethos of Simply YOU! is all about.

So, what I’m asking you to do today is take a few minutes to think about where you are in your life and where you’re going.

Are you living in the first column or the second?

If you’re living on-purpose and you’re consistently on your way to new adventures – fantastic! Now go tell others how you did it (because they really want to know)!

And if you’re not, and you’re feeling that same sense of lost-ness, I can assure you that you’re SO not going mad; you’re feeling this way because it’s your time to step into your bigger, authentic, brilliant self.

That’s where you’re on YOUR way to!

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