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How To Deal With The Guilt Factor

Did you know that guilt is a learned response? We’re not born with guilt – or fear, for that matter (since guilt ultimately comes from a fear of something) – as part of our emotional make-up. In fact, the only two fears we have as tiny human babies are a fear of loud noises and […]

Do You Suffer From ‘Imposter Syndrome’?

One of the things that resonates with many of the women I talk to is Imposter Syndrome. You know, that feeling of ”What if they find out I’m not as clever as they think I am?” The interesting thing about this particular syndrome is that successful, highly intelligent, high achieving women (and men – although […]

Lucinda’s Story

Before Juliet and I began working together, all I could see when I looked to the future was the end of my degree and, after that, a cliff edge: I’m sorry to say that this is no exaggeration – I could see nothing; I had no idea where my degree was taking me, post-graduation, and […]