Archives for May 2013

You’ve Got The Power!

The second step of my Simply YOU! programme is to do with unleashing your Inner Goddess! That’s because you have Goddess Power inside you that you’ve never even scratched the surface of and that, when you unleash it, will take you from the stunning woman that you are to the EXTRAORDINARY woman that you were […]

How’s Your Energy?

From a scientific perspective, the fact is that everything that exists in the Universe is energy. Everything in the physical world around us is energy in the form of matter. Therefore, you and I are energy in human form – gorgeously packaged, tremendously talented human matter! And we hold total responsibility for our energy. ….For […]

Are You Listening To Your Still, Small Voice?

If you’re like I was 10 years ago, you’ll have been sensing for quite some time that you have a bigger game to play in life. I say this firstly because there’s ALWAYS a bigger game for women like you and me – we weren’t born to play small – and secondly because, since that […]

How To Deal With Fear (Once And For All!)

Whenever I think about doing something new, something much bigger than I’ve done before – something that I know is going to stretch me and make me feel very uncomfortable at times – I feel fearful to begin with. The truth is that every woman who consistently achieves her dreams, and who is continuously growing […]

There’s Still Time To Make This The Best Year Of Your Life!

I was recently listening to a talk by the inspirational speaker, Jack Cranfield, about creating your best ever life. He reminded me how very simple it can be to change your life – because changing your life begins with one small step, which, in this case, is to visualise how your life will look 7 […]