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Are You Resisting Yourself?

And by ‘resistance’, I mean the ‘No!’ voice that comes out of your mouth, when your heart wants you to say ‘Yes!’ Resistance can show up in all sorts of guises – like feelings of anxiety, lethargy, stubbornness, laziness, petulance, ambivalence, irrational anger, frustration, foot stamping …. and the list goes on. The 2 main […]

What Are You Proud Of?

It has come to my attention that some of the women in this community aren’t giving themselves nearly enough credit for a) how stunning they truly are and b) the amazing things they’ve achieved. So, let’s change all that right now! The nature of stunning women like us is that (amongst many other things) we: […]

How To Let Go Of Regret

It’s absolutely true that I have no regrets in my life – even though I’ve been on this earth for half a century and made a heap of mistakes/errors of judgement. Over the course of my life, I’ve hurt people by my actions or words; I’ve done things that I wish I hadn’t; I’ve reacted […]

How Not To Be An Actress In Your Own Life

Being authentic means showing up in the world as yourself – 100% of magnificent you, in all your brilliant, unique glory. So how do you actually do it? Here’s how (and it’s really not rocket science!): 1. Know Yourself Know yourself inside out, upside down and back again. Get to know every facet, every nook […]