Archives for August 2013

Feelings Are There to be Felt!

A few weeks ago, I was sharing with a Psychologist colleague some feelings of deep emotional pain that I’d been experiencing. I was surprised when he came back with a comment about this being ‘just a set of circumstances and these just a set of feelings’ – and something about my feelings being ‘not the […]

Where Are You On Your Way To?

Now, you know that I’m a total advocate of taking time out to just ‘be’ – it’s vitally important for your health, your growth and to enable your inspired thoughts & ideas to happen. I’ve often mentioned to you that my very best ideas happen when my mind’s in ‘neutral’ – in the shower, walking […]

How To Write Your Own Life’s Script

Did you know that you are the writer of your life’s script – whether you’ve realised it yet or not? You are a talented creator – you’ve created your life, as it is today, by your thoughts, words, choices, decisions and actions to date. You wrote that script. In the same way, you can create […]

How To Turn Heartache Into Happiness

You may have guessed, by now, that I’ve had my fair share of big life challenges in my fabulous 50 years. ….Which is why I can say with total confidence that you absolutely CAN turn heartache into happiness. This is not, I promise you, a glib, non-empathetic statement – it’s the truth. I know because […]