Are You Resisting Yourself?

And by ‘resistance’, I mean the ‘No!’ voice that comes out of your mouth, when your heart wants you to say ‘Yes!’

Resistance can show up in all sorts of guises – like feelings of anxiety, lethargy, stubbornness, laziness, petulance, ambivalence, irrational anger, frustration, foot stamping …. and the list goes on.

The 2 main things about resistance that I want you to know are these:

1. Resistance is not the truth about who you are – it’s a temporary feeling that you need to explore, to find out what it’s all about.

2. Resistance is the gap between the life you’re currently living and the unlived life of limitless potential and joy that you could live – your ‘Something MORE’. All you have to do is bridge that gap – and you have the power to do it.

Just to remind you, the wonderful truth about who you are is this:

You’re a stunning spiritual & human being, for whom there are no limits and endless possibilities.

You were born to be magnificent – to experience yourself in your fullest possible glory, just like the beautiful Magnolia tree outside my office window!

You already have everything you need, inside you, to do everything you could ever want to do.

So, knowing these simple truths, why does resistance show up from time to time?

Well, the short answer is Fear!

Think of resistance as coming from the little child part of you, who:

Can’t see the bigger picture, because she’s so young, unformed and small

Doesn’t understand that you’re a grown-up, amazing, resourceful woman now, who wears big girl knickers, and can be, do & have anything you want

Is afraid that you might fall and hurt yourself – because, in her world, that’s one of the worst things that could happen!

All she wants to do is keep you safe, but she doesn’t know that you really don’t need her to. She doesn’t understand that change & growth are an important part of you fulfilling your limitless potential.

She doesn’t know, yet, that she’s going to grow into a Goddess of a woman who will do her thing and make her unique difference in the world in the way that only she can!

So, whenever you feel that resistance holding you back from what you truly want, have a conversation with your inner child – let her know that you’re safe, you’re in control and that you’re actually a Goddess who’s not afraid, because you have the resources & power to deal with ANYTHING, even the occasional fall!

And thank her, for being the amazing child who grew into amazing YOU!

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