Be In The Moment by Fully Showing up – All Of You, All At Once!

28mar1We have busy lives and it’s easy to fall into the habit of not being fully present with those we love. So often, we get caught up in being ‘elsewhere’ in our thoughts, giving our energy to things in the past or the future (most of which we have no control over), instead of focusing on being in the here & now, in the preciousness of each moment of life.

I’m sure you’ve experienced that hurtful feeling, when someone you care about isn’t fully listening to you, or seems to be too hasty to move on or away? You’ll probably be aware that you’ve done this very thing yourself, perhaps even (or most likely!) with your partner or your children. Being in this state of non-presence means losing out on the vast possibilities of each moment which, once it’s gone, is lost forever.

Easter gives us the perfect opportunity to ‘just be’ with the people who matter – and here are a few simple ways you can do exactly that:

When you become aware that you’re ‘somewhere else’ , consciously bring yourself back to that place of being, listening and active contributing. Remember that you’re the one who controls your thoughts (yes, really) – so constantly bring yourself back, to be as present in the moment as possible. It takes practice, especially if you’re more used to being elsewhere most of the time, but you can do it, to the point where it becomes a truly wonderful norm for you.28mar2

Relish the moment, otherwise known as ‘Stop and smell the roses!’. Be mindful of all the wonderful parts to that moment, such as how fabulous it is to have this person in your life, how blessed you are to be part of theirs, how what you’re both saying could actually create something new & exciting between you – and be consciously thankful for the moment and all it contains. Don’t walk away from the moment with a blank sheet – make sure it’s full of lovely thoughts, insights and memories. Memories don’t just happen – you create them by being part of them!

Understand that any moment, if you’re fully, 100% present, can be a ‘flow’ moment. Flow is when you feel that a moment has richness and intensity; it’s when you’re so totally absorbed in it that you’re even unaware of yourself and of time passing. I’m sure you can think of a time when you’ve felt like this? Well, you can create more, by making sure you’re fully present as often as possible.28mar3A

Know that, like the Easter Bunny, you have a huge pile of unique gifts to bring to any moment, to make it a thing of fun, wonder and magnificence for all concerned. All you have to do is show up, 100%, and bring your gifts with you!

Be clear that, in being fully present with someone you love, you’re giving them the most precious Easter present of all – YOU!

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