How Not To Be An Actress In Your Own Life

Being authentic means showing up in the world as yourself – 100% of magnificent you, in all your brilliant, unique glory.

So how do you actually do it?

Here’s how (and it’s really not rocket science!):

4jul41. Know Yourself

Know yourself inside out, upside down and back again. Get to know every facet, every nook and cranny, every precious gemstone of who you truly are, because who you are is utterly amazing. To live authentically, it’s important that you know & love each and every part of you unconditionally, understanding that each part of you is important and valuable.

2. Be the YOU you are on the inside, on the outside!

It’s impossible to be authentic if there’s a mismatch between who you are on the inside and the face you show to the world. It’s not only exhausting but it’s the way to completely miss out on the sheer joy and excitement of living authentically. You were born to be gloriously, audaciously YOU and to play big in the world – you simply can’t do that if there’s a mismatch.

3. Express the fullness of who you are in the world

Your life has a unique purpose that only you can fulfil. Knowing your Purpose is simply knowing how to use the whole extent of your magnificence to fully express yourself in the world. There are two parts to this: first you must have a very clear, detailed understanding of who you are, including your unique package of gifts, talents, knowledge & experience – your conscious mind will help you to do this. Secondly, you can work with your unconscious (which contains all the things you don’t yet know you know & holds your Purpose safe for you until you’re ready to uncover it), to know what to do with this wonderful package of magnificence in order to fulfil your Purpose.

4. Understand that you’re here to share what you know

4jul2Part of living purposefully and extraordinarily is understanding that you have something uniquely and vitally important to share with other people – something you’ve learned, some knowledge you have, that, in sharing it with them, will change their lives for the better. You may not know this yet, but you have a wonderful gift to give: a truth to share, a story to tell, music to play, a dance to dance, a picture to paint, a business to grow – whatever it is for you, now is your time to do it in your way. The world is waiting for you to show up authentically and share your unique gift. And if not you, then who? If not now, when?

5. Trust your intuition to guide you

The true you – the magnificent you – is beautiful, trustworthy, loving and fearless. When you know yourself, you realise that you can trust yourself to know what’s right for you. Your true self wants the very best for you at all times and lets you know, through intuitive feelings and ‘nudges’, where you should be going and what you should be doing, so that you draw the best of everything from life. It’s simply a matter of cutting through the noise, tuning in and listening. We’re so lucky to have this amazing internal ‘sat nav’ at our disposal and it’s a tool we should rely on when living our authentic life – that’s what it’s there to help us do!

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