How To Write Your Own Life’s Script

8aug1Did you know that you are the writer of your life’s script – whether you’ve realised it yet or not?

You are a talented creator – you’ve created your life, as it is today, by your thoughts, words, choices, decisions and actions to date. You wrote that script.

In the same way, you can create your future life – by your thoughts, words, choices, decisions and actions.

You’re in control of how the rest of your life plays out – of your life’s script. The question is, what will you write on it?

I must stress here that, of course, curve balls can come our way in life from time to time and they can throw us off course for a while; however, it’s what we decide to do with those curve balls – our reaction to them (which begins with a thought) – that determines how our life is affected by them.

8aug2ASo, back to your brilliant creativity. And let’s today consider your thoughts, which is where it all begins.

Thoughts are very powerful things.

Everything that exists in our world today originated with a single thought in someone’s head – from a matchstick, to a light bulb to the space shuttle.

Thoughts can take you forward or they can hold you back – and you control the process.

Your life today is a reflection of your thoughts, because the quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your life. Do you think big or small? Do you think positive or negative? Do you live in thoughts of the past, or do you create new thoughts for an amazing present and future life?

8aug3Do you think that you can create your dream life???

What you focus on in your thoughts is what you attract more of to your life.

Isn’t this an exciting concept? Unless, of course, your current thoughts are very poor quality!

We all know people whose dominant thoughts (and words) are negative, pessimistic and non-uplifting – think about how their life is working out for them. Can you see how their life’s script is completely written by them, via their thoughts (which translate into words, choices, decisions and action – or, more likely, non-action)?

You can change the way you think the instant you decide to.

8aug4Isn’t that a powerful thought in itself???

The key here is to be aware of your thoughts and how they make you feel. We’ve often talked about how important feelings are, in terms of letting you know when your life’s on the right track (or not). Well, feelings are a great indicator of how your thoughts are affecting the quality of your life.

So, for the rest of today, tune into your intuitive self and be aware of your thoughts. If a thought makes you feel great, develop it into more thoughts just like it. If a thought makes you feel bad, decide to replace it with a new thought which serves you better and adds to the quality of your life.

If this is a new concept to you, it might take a little while to get into the habit of thinking better quality thoughts – it’s simple, but not always easy when you haven’t been used to doing it.

Why not begin by thinking this thought: ”I’m in total control of my thoughts and I choose to think great thoughts.”

This is the thought that’ll help you create the life script that you deserve!

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