How’s Your Energy?

2aug1From a scientific perspective, the fact is that everything that exists in the Universe is energy.

Everything in the physical world around us is energy in the form of matter.

Therefore, you and I are energy in human form – gorgeously packaged, tremendously talented human matter!

And we hold total responsibility for our energy.

….For the energy that we have inside us and for the energy that we give out into the world.

So, these are the 2 elements that we’re going to explore today, to see just how important they are.

1. Our Internal Energy

2aug-6To demonstrate this particular point, and the fact that we’re in the driving seat regarding our own energy, I’ll share a real-life example.

Earlier today, I had a bit of a to-do with my daughter, Hope, about the fact that she hadn’t done something I’d asked her to do to help me.

We’re generally great communicators in this family, so exchanging our frustrations in a way where we try to see the other person’s perspective is what we mostly do (I don’t count PMT days here, obviously!) and what Hope and I did.

Even so, after our ‘to-do’, I felt a bit yukky and found myself dwelling in that feeling.

I realised that that was the point at which I had a choice – to stay in that energy, or to change it. After all, the only person affected by it at the time was me – and you, actually, because I was finding it hard to focus on writing this week’s article!

2aug-7So, I decided to watch the recording from my brother’s wedding in Las Vegas, which took place at 2am this

It was such a joyous occasion – with laughter, dancing, Elvis singing and everyone having a great time. And it changed my energy as I watched. I laughed and cried and was so thankful that my little brother is sharing his life with a wonderful woman who loves him beyond words.

Which freed me up to write this for you.

The point here is that changing your inside energy is a decision that you make. Whether that’s from negative to positive, sad to happy, frustrated to serene, or anything else. You are in control of, and responsible for, your energy.

Sometimes, when I have ‘writer’s block’, I play Chaka Khan on iTunes and I dance around my office, because getting out of your head and into your body shifts blockages and changes your energy.

Or you can take a walk, watch an uplifting film, chat with a pal who makes you laugh, or be thankful, in the moment, for everything that’s fabulous about your life.

You’re in the driving seat.

And your internal energy is the same energy that you give out in the world.

2. The Energy We Emit

2aug-8I’m sure you’ve been around people who are negative, enthusiastic, joyful, cynical, frustrated, inspired – and in all sorts of other emotional states.

And you’ll have noticed that the energy they give out can affect how you feel. Energy is a very powerful thing.

Even when I’ve had a really great day, if Chris comes home feeling flat, I can go from happy to equally as flat as him in a very short time. …. Until I become aware of what’s happening and do something to change my, and, in turn (hopefully) Chris’, energy. Sometimes, I make him dance around the office with me!

So, not only do we have a responsibility to ourselves to decide on the nature of our energy, so that our quality of life is the best we can make it, we also have a responsibility to the people around us – because our energy affects their energy.

And the starting point is awareness. 2aug-9

Next time you find yourself dwelling in an emotional state that you don’t enjoy, or doesn’t add to your quality of life, simply become aware of it – notice it, and how you feel because of it, and then decide what to do about it.

There are times when it’s totally appropriate to feel angry, or sad, or frustrated – sometimes, we have to feel that way to express how we feel.

The key is to know when it’s time to change the energy of that feeling. That’s not to say that the sadness, for example, totally goes away, but you can change your emotional state to something else, like gratitude, whenever you decide to.

Bonus Energy Point!

2aug-10As a Billy Bonus here, I’m thrilled to tell you that we attract to ourselves what we focus our energy on. You may know that it’s called The Law of Attraction.

So, if your focus is on your problems, or what you feel is missing from your life, or what you lack, then you just attract more of that negative energy into your life.

Which is actually great news, because it means that if you change the focus of where you place your energy – to what’s working in your life, to what you already have & are thankful for and to what you deeply long for (because what you long for at a deep level is necessary for your spiritual growth) – it means that you can attract more of that wonderful positive energy into your life.

Isn’t energy great, when you know how to use it?!

So, where’s the focus of your energy today? Is what you’re focusing on adding to the quality of your life or detracting from it?

If it’s the latter, you know what to do……


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