What Does It Mean To Show Up In The World

In this episode of Jools’ Gems, Jools tells you how to show up in the world as yourself, do what you love and make your difference. Please post your questions or comments below, and hit the like button for more videos.

Doing The Work You Love

Jools talks about the simple, practical ‘how-to’ of creating the work life that you truly want. Please post your questions or comments below, and hit the like button for more videos.

Do You Dare To Dream?

You hear me talk a lot about following our dreams – and yet I know it can feel unrealistic to many of us to even think in this way. What I know, from working with many clients over the years, is that everyone has a dream. Usually, it’s been tucked away somewhere – because we’re […]

Feelings Are There to be Felt!

A few weeks ago, I was sharing with a Psychologist colleague some feelings of deep emotional pain that I’d been experiencing. I was surprised when he came back with a comment about this being ‘just a set of circumstances and these just a set of feelings’ – and something about my feelings being ‘not the […]

Where Are You On Your Way To?

Now, you know that I’m a total advocate of taking time out to just ‘be’ – it’s vitally important for your health, your growth and to enable your inspired thoughts & ideas to happen. I’ve often mentioned to you that my very best ideas happen when my mind’s in ‘neutral’ – in the shower, walking […]

How To Write Your Own Life’s Script

Did you know that you are the writer of your life’s script – whether you’ve realised it yet or not? You are a talented creator – you’ve created your life, as it is today, by your thoughts, words, choices, decisions and actions to date. You wrote that script. In the same way, you can create […]

How To Turn Heartache Into Happiness

You may have guessed, by now, that I’ve had my fair share of big life challenges in my fabulous 50 years. ….Which is why I can say with total confidence that you absolutely CAN turn heartache into happiness. This is not, I promise you, a glib, non-empathetic statement – it’s the truth. I know because […]

Are You Resisting Yourself?

And by ‘resistance’, I mean the ‘No!’ voice that comes out of your mouth, when your heart wants you to say ‘Yes!’ Resistance can show up in all sorts of guises – like feelings of anxiety, lethargy, stubbornness, laziness, petulance, ambivalence, irrational anger, frustration, foot stamping …. and the list goes on. The 2 main […]

What Are You Proud Of?

It has come to my attention that some of the women in this community aren’t giving themselves nearly enough credit for a) how stunning they truly are and b) the amazing things they’ve achieved. So, let’s change all that right now! The nature of stunning women like us is that (amongst many other things) we: […]

How To Let Go Of Regret

It’s absolutely true that I have no regrets in my life – even though I’ve been on this earth for half a century and made a heap of mistakes/errors of judgement. Over the course of my life, I’ve hurt people by my actions or words; I’ve done things that I wish I hadn’t; I’ve reacted […]

How Not To Be An Actress In Your Own Life

Being authentic means showing up in the world as yourself – 100% of magnificent you, in all your brilliant, unique glory. So how do you actually do it? Here’s how (and it’s really not rocket science!): 1. Know Yourself Know yourself inside out, upside down and back again. Get to know every facet, every nook […]

What’s The Purpose of Your Life?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? It’s a really big question, isn’t it? And yet, as I’ve shared with you before, it has a very simple answer. And, just so you know, if you’re asking the question now, it’s because you’re ready to hear the answer – which is SO exciting! I’ve talked previously […]

What’s YOUR Zone Of Genius?

Zone of Genius’ is a phrase created by Gay Hendricks in his book, The Big Leap. And here, we’re not talking about a ‘Zone of Very Proficient’ or even a ‘Zone of Excellence’, we’re talking about you being 100% YOU, doing what you love and making your difference – to the point where you totally […]

You’ve Got The Power!

The second step of my Simply YOU! programme is to do with unleashing your Inner Goddess! That’s because you have Goddess Power inside you that you’ve never even scratched the surface of and that, when you unleash it, will take you from the stunning woman that you are to the EXTRAORDINARY woman that you were […]

How’s Your Energy?

From a scientific perspective, the fact is that everything that exists in the Universe is energy. Everything in the physical world around us is energy in the form of matter. Therefore, you and I are energy in human form – gorgeously packaged, tremendously talented human matter! And we hold total responsibility for our energy. ….For […]

Are You Listening To Your Still, Small Voice?

If you’re like I was 10 years ago, you’ll have been sensing for quite some time that you have a bigger game to play in life. I say this firstly because there’s ALWAYS a bigger game for women like you and me – we weren’t born to play small – and secondly because, since that […]

How To Deal With Fear (Once And For All!)

Whenever I think about doing something new, something much bigger than I’ve done before – something that I know is going to stretch me and make me feel very uncomfortable at times – I feel fearful to begin with. The truth is that every woman who consistently achieves her dreams, and who is continuously growing […]

There’s Still Time To Make This The Best Year Of Your Life!

I was recently listening to a talk by the inspirational speaker, Jack Cranfield, about creating your best ever life. He reminded me how very simple it can be to change your life – because changing your life begins with one small step, which, in this case, is to visualise how your life will look 7 […]

How To Deal With The Guilt Factor

Did you know that guilt is a learned response? We’re not born with guilt – or fear, for that matter (since guilt ultimately comes from a fear of something) – as part of our emotional make-up. In fact, the only two fears we have as tiny human babies are a fear of loud noises and […]

Do You Suffer From ‘Imposter Syndrome’?

One of the things that resonates with many of the women I talk to is Imposter Syndrome. You know, that feeling of ”What if they find out I’m not as clever as they think I am?” The interesting thing about this particular syndrome is that successful, highly intelligent, high achieving women (and men – although […]

Lucinda’s Story

Before Juliet and I began working together, all I could see when I looked to the future was the end of my degree and, after that, a cliff edge: I’m sorry to say that this is no exaggeration – I could see nothing; I had no idea where my degree was taking me, post-graduation, and […]

Be In The Moment by Fully Showing up – All Of You, All At Once!

We have busy lives and it’s easy to fall into the habit of not being fully present with those we love. So often, we get caught up in being ‘elsewhere’ in our thoughts, giving our energy to things in the past or the future (most of which we have no control over), instead of focusing […]

Will The Real YOU Please Step Forward?

So, you know that my signature song is I Am What I Am – you’ll have seen me dancing to it, if you were at my Simply YOU! Live! event last November. I know who I am, inside out & upside down, which is why I can dance confidently and joyfully to my own tune. […]

How to Create the Life YOU want in 2013

Creating the life and work you want begins with you actually knowing what it is! So first, let’s deal with the great big elephant in the room as far as this is concerned…. Some women struggle with even knowing what they want – because women, especially in my generation, weren’t traditionally brought up to think […]