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14feb1DBefore Juliet and I began working together, all I could see when I looked to the future was the end of my degree and, after that, a cliff edge: I’m sorry to say that this is no exaggeration – I could see nothing; I had no idea where my degree was taking me, post-graduation, and I was terrified and living in a state of constant anxiety.

I dreaded the question which kept on coming:

“So, what are your plans once you’ve finished your degree?”

For me, my life post-University was a current that I’d be swept into – I felt like I had no control over where I was going to end up. I cringe now, thinking of how I’d answer that question – so full of negativity, peppered with my belief that I was nothing special compared to the people I was competing with on my course, let alone the rest of the country’s fashion graduates.

It’s unbelievable really, how one woman could pull me out of that cycle of self doubt and fear that I’d been living each day for years, as my graduation neared.

14feb4It’s not easy rewiring your brain into new, positive ways of thinking and becoming your own best friend. But it’s very easy when you’re at University, amongst all those other talented fish, to think “Wow, I don’t stand a chance.”

I believe that many of my course mates were in exactly the same situation as me – and who could really blame us? I learned so much at University and wholeheartedly believe it was worth every penny; however, the only ‘career advice’ we were given was:

1. You need to work for free for, at the very least, 3 months

2. Many graduates from the previous year are still working for free a year later and

3. To start your own label, you need at least £30,000.

That was it – and it was scary.

After working with Juliet for 6 months, and graduation came, I was offered 3 entry level jobs with different fashion labels throughout the summer. I struggled here, because the old me would have taken any of them in an instant for fear of “Wow, that’s the best I’ll ever do/I’m lucky to have been offered this job”, but something didn’t feel right. And it wasn’t just that I was being offered minimum wage pay after attaining a degree…..

When Juliet had helped me to map out my ideal life, my DREAM was to start my own label. I thought it would happen, but not for years – maybe 10! But I realised then, as I turned down my 3rd job, that the time was actually now…

To cut a long story short: over the last 6 months, I have attended and worked at London Fashion Week, had my photo and designs published in various publications, including Elle Magazine Online, created my online presence and started my own fashion brand

14feb6AI created, and immediately sold out of, my first clothing line and I broke even in my business in just 3 weeks. Now I’m designing my next Sanctus line – and my fans are eagerly waiting for it.

I’ve also modelled for global hair brand GHD and made some amazing contacts in the fashion industry – because, with Juliet’s’ encouragement, I have put myself out there.

My ethos, and what my work is known for, is ‘Celebrating Exclusivity and Authenticity’.

I remember, in my first conversation with her, that Juliet asked me what was most important to me in my work – and I used those two very words. Now, they’ve become a reality for me and the foundation of everything I do.

I count my achievements every day – I tell myself how amazing it is that I have built a brand from the ground up. It didn’t require anyone else, it didn’t require working my arse off for free and it certainly didn’t require £30,000.

”What an amazing lesson to learn – that your only limitation is the way you think!”

I feel that, at school and University, no-one ever asks you “What is your ultimate, dream job? What if money didn’t matter?” No-one ever tells you to pursue your dream.

14feb7CI wish that everyone could have access to the experience of coaching – once you’ve ‘seen the light’ you want everyone to realise their potential too! I believe that having Coach Mentors at school would be invaluable to young people, helping them to avoid a lot of anxiety and cloudiness over their future.

Often, we have an idea of what we’d like to do, or what we enjoy doing, but having that ultimate, dream goal, which is crystal clear, is invaluable.

Learning to understand what you truly want and what you have to offer to the world is life-changing.

Coaching has changed my life.

Thinking about how I used to be just makes me feel SO grateful for Juliet. I used to have a heavy, anxious feeling, that was with me 90% of the time, for a good few years. I felt this way all the way through my final year at uni . The amazing thing is that I’d forgotten all about it until I read my diary recently – it has completely gone away!

I realise now it was to do with my lack of self-belief and me not knowing how to embrace and love life – and now I do, thanks to Juliet.

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