What Others Are Saying About Jools

Lu”Things I have done that have been down to YOU and your loving support, Jools:

– Moving to London. I used to think the idea was so unattainable, so ridiculous. And now here I am, so content living in my live/work studio surrounded by a beautiful family of artists.

– Starting my fashion brand, Sanctus. Not even a full year after we started working together, I have created a brand that is now my bread & butter, my passion and my everything! Having faith in myself all boils down to you and the way you guided me into rewiring my poor brain, from negativity and self deprecation, to long lasting positivity, happiness and self-celebration!

– With Sanctus, I have featured in publications/magazines, taken part in fashion shows around the country, including a film festival here in Manor House, and this year I’ve taken part in a London Fashion Week event, exhibiting Sanctus for the first time. THANK YOU!

– Learning to love myself unconditionally, every day. And others too! Your philosophy has honestly changed my life. I wish everyone in the world felt the same way about themselves and others. This is what happiness is!

– Having the confidence to ‘show up’ , as you taught me, and not only sign with one modelling agency, but to also win a nationwide model search with Nevs modelling agency. I’d never have thought myself ‘good enough’ if it wasn’t for my now steadfast love for myself and eagerness at putting myself forward for opportunities.

– Getting paid for BEING ME and having the determination to push on through rejection. I feel proud of that and I couldn’t have done it without you.

Love you beautiful woman, you have done so much for me and I am happier everyday because of it!”

Lucinda Sinclair, Fashion Designer, London  https://www.churchofsanctus.com/shop/

Julia Moon

“It’s a hard ask to put the essence of a woman like Jools into a few lines of text when she’s so much more than I could even begin to describe. For me personally Jools has been an inspiration.

She’s a woman who I first looked to for help and advice and who slowly became an incredible support and friend through a long and sometimes challenging project. Jools is someone for whom the word ‘impossible’ doesn’t exist. She’s a woman of incredible strength, integrity and self-belief. If she sets to achieve something, then by God, she will get there and, best of all, she inspires that determination and confidence in those around her.

What I know with absolute clarity is that my proudest professional achievement – a Welsh Bafta-nominated, internationally acclaimed documentary – wouldn’t have happened without the guidance, support and encouragement of this incredible woman. It’s a privilege to know, and to be inspired by, Jools Parsons.”

Julia Moon, Freelance Film Producer/Director, Edinburgh https://www.juliamoon.co.uk/

Claire Black

“When I was made redundant from the job in a City law firm that I had been doing for over a decade, I wasn’t sure what my next steps would be. I had already been thinking about working with a Life Coach, as I was feeling bored and unfulfilled as a lawyer. In my heart, I knew I wanted to do something different, but I didn’t know what. I contacted Jools because she was highly recommended by someone I trust.

I’d spoken to the redundancy coaching company that my organisation recommended and, whilst they said they would be able to help me work out what I wanted to do, I came away from my initial call with them feeling deflated and not at all inspired. I felt that their focus was very corporate, so that they would help me rewrite my CV and identify, and prepare to talk to, “the right people”. This was not what I wanted; I wanted a Coach who would help me to explore what I really want to be and do and help me to get going on a new, fulfilling path.

After my first conversation with Jools, I felt excited and positive. Jools was a very different proposition from the corporate coach, as she is all about finding out who you are and working out the life, career and future you want based on the foundation of what’s important to you. So I knew, after my call with Jools, that working with her wouldn’t just be about my career; I knew that Jools would help me to change my entire life in a fundamental way. And she did.

Our VIP day was amazing: it became clear to me that I had to be a Divorce Coach. I was struck by how totally obvious the pathway had become in just a few hours: the ‘light bulb’ moment had arrived! I already knew that the way I dealt with my divorce was one of my proudest achievements and so the passion in my energy, once I’d found my way forward, was palpable. It was like all the pieces fell into place, all at the same time. Jools is exceptionally good at asking the right questions so that you get to your own right answers. I went home with a plan of action. I felt excited, passionate and on a high: I found the experience incredibly inspiring.

Over the following 6 months, Jools became my friend and my Business Mentor as well as my Coach. She helped me with structure and planning for my business, working out what to do to begin, and then guiding me at each new step, until I was all set up and ready to go, fully equipped with the knowledge of how to proceed from there. I felt that Jools really had my back: when I had moments of doubt, Jools firmly held the knowledge that I would achieve my dream, until I was ready to step fully into that knowledge myself.

I look back over the 6 months I worked with Jools and am amazed at what I have managed to do with her support. I stand at the top of a mountain and feel a real sense of pride and achievement. I now find myself in a position where other people setting up in business are so impressed by my progress that they’re asking my advice about how to do it!

Working with Jools has had a positive impact on all aspects of my life – I have found a whole new way of being. I also have a business of which I am immensely proud and which enables me to live and work in tune with my core values. Jools’ coaching has not only benefited me, but also my family. My children can see what I have built and are proud. It is fantastic to role model stepping out of the ‘norm’, setting up on your own and working hard to achieve big things that create the life you truly desire. Working with Jools has been one of the best decisions I ever made – my whole family dynamic has changed.

The biggest gifts that Jools has given me are self knowledge & self-awareness, self belief & confidence, business clarity & vision and personal power, which is leading me to so many new opportunities. Without working with Jools, I would not have set up my business in the way that I have. Without Jools, it would have been a much smaller, less ambitious enterprise; instead I have founded a powerful, positive and prestigious business.

Jools is engaging and creative, energetic and inspiring. She asks exceptional questions that cause you to think deeply, so that you continuously discover more about yourself. Jools taught me to coach myself first – the practice, she would say, of an authentic, magnificent Coach and human being. Jools has enabled me to have an expansive, changing mindset that can see infinite possibilities and for that, as well as everything else, I am truly thankful.”

Claire Macklin, Divorce Coach, Bristol  https://www.clairemacklincoaching.com/

Juliet Rees

“Jools is a breath of fresh air! She has a way of making people feel relaxed and very special at the same time. Her enthusiasm is contagious and each one of the participants at our Swansea City Council ‘Impress The Employer’ course (created for clients who have been unemployed for quite some time) has opened up in her company – which is testament both to Jools’ skills and her compassion. The effect of working with Jools has been remarkable and, sometimes, life–changing for my clients.

Jools is inspirational and one of her greatest tools is her ability to draw on personal, client- relevant, experiences. She demonstrates an innate ability to empathise with her audience and she touches, delicately, on issues close to people’s hearts. She then takes these ‘negative’ factors and clearly shows how they can be turned into opportunities for growth. The change in some of my clients has been extraordinary; Jools has instilled confidence in them, empowering them to feel better about themselves and more able to take control of their destiny.

I highly recommend Jools to any organisation which invests in its people and is seeking to instigate inspired, lasting change.”

Juliet Rees, Senior LIFT Worker, Swansea City Council

Fiona Gleeson“Having worked with Jools for a few months, I’ve been amazed at how quickly we’ve managed to make my dreams a reality. These were dreams that I’d had for a number of years but simply hadn’t had the belief or confidence to achieve on my own.

I look back on my life, prior to when I met Jools, and am amazed at how much my life has changed and how far I have progressed as a person. Jools and I have worked together to help me achieve so many fundamental changes in a very short space of time. First, she helped me to get clear on what I wanted from my personal and professional life and she encouraged me to pursue my dreams. Then, she supported me as I made the move to London (my big dream), telling me that new adventures would present themselves because I’d taken this first, scary step. And they have – I’ve met some great people and am building a wonderful social life, I’ve taken on a new role, which is just what I wanted and has the potential to take me all over the world, and now I’m planning to buy a flat in London – something I used to think was impossible for me. All because I got clear on what I wanted and started to believe it was possible for me.

This has all happened within 4 to 5 months of meeting Jools, which is pretty remarkable.

Jools – I can’t believe what we’ve achieved together, I’m so much better for having met you.  Meeting and working with you has been the best decision I’ve made, possibly in my entire life.  You have given me the confidence to believe in myself and follow my heart.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Fiona Gleeson, Head of Corporate Transactions, London

Saskia Volders

After my maternity break I decided to make the big leap of becoming a self-employed career coach. I had never been self-employed before and I was getting really stuck over what rates to charge and understanding my worth. After attending one of Jools’ events, and then chatting with her on the ‘phone, I knew she was the perfect person to help me.

My VIP Day with Jools was, in all honesty, life-changing. Within ‘just’ one day, Jools asked the right questions, listened carefully and challenged my perceptions in a non-judgemental, positive way which I would wish every person could experience. The big ‘aha’ moments that Jools triggered through her coaching took away the mental obstacles which, I quickly realised, would have been serious threats to the success of my business.

The follow-up sessions were so valuable. I thought we would communicate about the action plan we’d created and that Jools would ensure I would keep on track and be there for the wobbly times. Instead, with every session, her wealth of business knowledge and practical wisdom showed that my choice to invest in her coaching, instead of additional business/entrepreneurship training, had been exactly the right decision. She helped me overcome times when I was procrastinating and letting self-doubt and perfectionism getting in the way of growing my business.

The main things I received from Jools are: a respectful understanding of my skills, talents and worth; self confidence; clarity over how I want my business to be; completely overcoming the deeply-held fears over the financial side of the business – in fact, I raised my fees by nearly 100% when Jools helped me to understand the huge value I was giving my clients and the impressive results they were getting as a result of working with me; the understanding of how to communicate what I do and attract clients and, the most important thing, experiencing joy on a daily basis in my business.

I started recognising other areas where fear was holding me back, so Jools’ coaching has empowered me in both my professional and my personal life. Jools brought so much joy into my professional life, that it’s naturally overflowed into my everyday life. Her coaching method has also improved my career coaching and the results for my clients have been life-changing.

I would describe Jools as genuine, funny, warm, motivating, challenging and inspirational – I wish everyone could have a Coach like Jools; she has not only been my Coach, she has been the most wonderful business mentor, cheerleader, fairy godmother and guardian angel, all-in-one to me.

Saskia Volders, Swansea   https://jobcoach.me/about/

Alexandra Watson

“Jools is all heart, so expect to get 100% heartfelt attention and coaching expertise from a very special, loving and wonderful lady who has your absolute interest in the forefront of her mind. She’ll wow you with her insights and stretch you into your next level, whilst all the while taking great care to ensure that you are feeling fabulous.”

Alexandra Watson, Leading Happiness Expert, Success Mentor and Best-Selling Author


“Before I started work with Jools, I was in a state I would have called ‘fine’ – then. Not great, not bad, just ‘fine’. I have a wonderful partner, a loving family, good friends, a great job, a lovely home and my music, but there were things I really wanted which I just didn’t have the confidence to go for and I felt like I wasn’t making the most of my life. It’s that feeling you get when you know there must be something more to life, but you’re not sure what it is or how to get there. I was lacking confidence, self-esteem and self-belief and I wasn’t doing what I wanted to do because of fear, which had ground everything to a halt and made my life unfulfilling.

The best part of working with Jools is that I’ve gotten to know and like myself. Looking back to pre-Jools times, I realise that I didn’t really know who I was. I certainly didn’t understand my uniqueness, the contribution I have to make and that I deserve to have a fantastic life. Now, I’m comfortable in my own skin, I’m confident, I’m constantly growing and my self belief has rocketed. I’ve established a relationship with myself that continues to grow and will last a lifetime. And I’ve faced my big fears, like public speaking, which has been exhilarating and fulfilling. Now, I actively seek out opportunities to do things I would never have done before, because of what others might have thought or fear of failure. Jools helped me to see that fear isn’t part of who I am and that it doesn’t serve me in living my best possible life. Looking back, I almost don’t recognise the Jack who began this work with Jools, because I’ve changed so much in such a short time.

I now practice daily gratitude, which is a game-changer, and I’m developing the connection to myself via a journal, where I’m continuing the work that Jools and I started together. Jools asked me to pay forward what I’ve learned, to create ripples that will change other people’s lives; I’m always looking for opportunities to do this.

If there was one word to describe working with Jools, it would be JOY. It’s joyful because it’s all about your personal growth and Jools believing wholeheartedly in you and your dreams. The guidance she gives is inspiring and uplifting. She connected with me on a deep level and she shared my excitement about my aspirations, helping me to know, beyond doubt, that I have immense power and potential to make them happen. Jools is a shining ray of energy. She’s bubbly, funny, positive and a guiding light who’s shown me what it’s possible to achieve with my life. Ultimately, she has taught me to be my own coach and mentor, which is, perhaps, her greatest gift of all.”

Jack Sinclair, Software Developer, Bournemouth

Bernadette Doyle

“Jools has incredible personal presence and is one of those people who adds value to anything she’s involved with – she lights up the room with her essence and has tremendous compassion. It’s been a pleasure to observe her journey as she’s stepped up and out to share her gifts with the world. Consider yourself truly blessed to have access to her experience and wisdom.”

Bernadette Doyle, Client Magnets Ltd.


“Before working with Jools, I was in the process of being made redundant, I was dealing with a bereavement in the family and I desperately needed guidance in how to take my life forward. It’s no exaggeration to say that I felt lost and that I had no purpose.
I met Jools via a work colleague and I liked her instantly – she’s such a wonderful person, who just ‘gets it’. In fact, I chose to work with Jools, rather than the Coach that my company offered to provide for me, because, from the first time I spoke with her, she intuitively understood exactly what my needs, feelings and emotions were.

My VIP Day with Jools was amazing, exciting, fulfilling and, at times, emotional. To my absolute delight, I came out of the day with clarity as to what my future looks like. I realised that it’s my time to take control of my life and that I can create the future I want. Jools helped me to make a plan for a portfolio career, which involves all of the things that I’m brilliant at and love to do – something I didn’t even know was possible. I now feel positive, motivated, liberated, excited about my life and eager to have new adventures.

I will recommend Jools to anyone and everyone! Jools has the ability to give you a deeper understanding of life and your place in it – she’s helped me to know myself better, to understand my purpose and to clearly see how I can achieve the things that make my life happy and fulfilled.

Put simply, working with Jools has changed my life – just as she promised it would.”

Diane Wileman, Bristol

Julie Johnson

“Jools is an inspiration in the truest sense of the word. She inspires me and everyone she connects with to live up to our fullest potential. She has a gift for true connection – for really seeing people as they are and for reflecting that back with love and enthusiasm. She’s also one feisty Welsh girl who loves to laugh, have fun, inspire others and be herself – what’s not to love? She’s one in a million!”

Julie Johnson, Leading Success Coach, Mentor, Speaker and Author.

Andy hall

Before working with Jools, I was ready to leave the Royal Navy as I felt I’d achieved all I was going to achieve. However, I had very little idea about how to get another job, since the last job I’d applied for was the RN some 23 years earlier! I was also unsure about exactly what sort of second career would be best for me and what skills and experience I had which would be of most value to industry. From talking to friends who were leaving the Service, it seemed jobs were out there, but that moving to a second career of choice was by no means simple.

As part of Jools’ Career Coaching Programme, we first spent an ‘intensive’ VIP Day together. My expectations of the day, with hindsight, were quite modest and simplistic. I was just expecting to be told what sort of skills I had which would be of value to industry and how to structure that into a CV. How wrong was I!!!! I came away from the day with a much greater understanding of what I wanted from a second career and I gained a lot of self belief & confidence in my worth – both as an individual and as a prospective employee. I also identified the range and depth of skills, knowledge & experience I had and how best to present them.

The follow-on support and advice in Jools’ Programme is invaluable. In my case, this ranged from practical advice on my CV, to preparing job applications, interview preparation, advice and feedback on presentations & salary negotiation to having a confidence booster on the end of the phone or an e-mail reminding me how valuable I was and to never settle for second best.

As a result of working with Jools, I have developed a much greater self belief and confidence in my skills and abilities. I did a rethink and identified what I wanted from a second career (as opposed to what I thought I could get) and I became determined not to settle for less than what I wanted.

Within weeks of starting the Programme with Jools, I have achieved a second career with a global company – with a salary and benefits package some £40k greater than I had expected to achieve prior to working with her.

Andy Hall, Safety Engineering Consultant, Bristol

Anne McGhee

“Jools is one of the most authentic people I know; what you see is what you get- Simply Jools! She is one of the most supportive and generous spirited women I know – a true champion for her clients and her colleagues alike. By sharing her knowledge and understanding she informs, inspires and changes lives, I feel blessed to mastermind with her and to call her a friend.”

Anne McGhee, Consultant, Speaker and Authentic Success Mentor for Women.

“I was delighted when my organisation offered me a career coaching opportunity and I jumped at the chance to work with Jools because I wanted to explore other ways of considering things, which would help me grow and develop my career, whilst giving me tools to work with to benefit my teams.

Coaching was a new approach for me – something that I’d never considered before. Having knowledge that other colleagues had been through the process with Jools and come out the other end more successful was a key motivator.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect but decided, very early on, that I’d go into the process with an open mind and embrace the ideas that were shared. I certainly hoped that coaching would be a positive experience and that I’d be able to take away learning that would benefit me and those who work for me. I anticipated having another string to my bow, a new way of doing things that I could add to the tool box. What I’ve emerged with is a deeper understanding and philosophy that helps me every single day.

Rather than a new string, I have a whole orchestra.

My teams and I are feeling the benefit and this goes further than the work environment; I’m more in the moment than ever before and having clarity about what is truly important to me has helped my focus and, in turn, my teams.

The most valuable aspect has been the insight into me, my drivers and how I can use this knowledge, together with my newly learned coaching approach, to support others. Jools gave me a true reflection of myself, without my bias, and she’s been a mirror for me to see where I can develop and improve. This is been invaluable, because I’ve been able to share the same approach with my teams.

I have learned what is truly important to me, what I want to get from my career, and I have a better understanding of what I need to do to get there. The progress that I’ve made with this is remarkable, considering it’s been a complete mindset change for me. In our initial meeting, I thought being a ‘Jack of all trades’ was what I liked about my role; what I know now is that making a valuable contribution, utilising my areas of expertise, is actually what I need to do to feel fulfilled. This has been a tremendous insight.

I’ve learned to use a coaching approach with my team members. I’m now ‘ask, don’t tell’. This is benefitting everyone, because it actively develops people to enable them to reflect, think critically and to perform at their best. It’s an inclusive approach that helps people to feel involved and influential in decisions, projects, etc., and this has already created positive results within my teams.

I feel I have a better understanding of my own vision for how I want to see my teams work. I’d like to create teams who feel empowered to make a difference, equipped with the skills they need to make autonomous decisions that benefit them, our clients and the business.

Jools is a lovely soul and a joy to work with. I’m sure she is many different things to many people, depending on what they need at the time. I have found her to be a reflector of the things I needed to see – not all of which have been easy to process, but it was the truth nonetheless. I’ve enjoyed the coaching experience, which has been a challenging one – to really look inside myself for answers – and I’m extremely grateful to have had the opportunity.”

Christian, Senior Management Team Member, National Care Organisation

“I asked to work with Jools because I wanted to learn how to best support my teams to help them achieve what they want to from their career. I want to make the business a continued success; to do that, people need to have direction and be happy, so I wanted to be part of helping to better/further achieve that.

Coaching opened my eyes further as to what my strengths are, what I enjoy and, ultimately, what I want to achieve and how that can translate into helping others.

The most valuable part of the coaching process has been understanding the need to stop, listen and take stock – with regard to others and myself. I learned how to deal with ‘imposter syndrome’ and to stop using negative language about myself, which I had no idea I was doing.

I think I knew myself quite well already, but I definitely learned that I need to use all of my great qualities and make sure I have the confidence to ‘show’ myself authentically. Relationships are important to me and I’ve understood that sharing (professionally) on a personal level, to develop relationships within the business, is crucial.

I’ve also learned how to ask good, explorative questions. I’ve understood that I can be part of facilitating change by acting as a mirror for people. I’m quite adept at seeing other people’s strengths, so I’ve now learned how to ask the right questions to help people see their strengths for themselves and I’ve learned how to give others the right tools to develop themselves.

I’m now leading by example, so this behaviour is cascading through my teams.

Things I’m doing differently, as a result of my coaching experience with Jools, are:
✔ Coaching and developing members of my teams – doing less telling and more asking
✔ Being more open with people
✔ Doing more self-reflection!!

I am definitely using more explorative questions, both in my personal and professional life, and helping people to understand and explore themselves and find their own solutions.

The coaching model that Jools taught us was a great way to analyse business challenges and find workable solutions. Using this in the organisation will be helpful, as people will be able to look at the actual situation and come up with a solution, rather than carrying an underlying feeling of something being unsatisfactory without taking responsibility for looking at why that might be and how it could change it (again, by asking good questions!)

Jools is Interesting, explorative and eye opening. She has a great energy and uses her passion to shine a light on others and bring out the best in them. She brings authenticity, passion, realness and a genuine desire to help others to help themselves.”

Olivia, Senior Management Team Member, National Care Organisation

Ambila Nath“Jools’ energy, warmth, passion & love is palpable and makes you feel totally relaxed. She’s so joyful to be with and time spent with her is full of fun and laughter – even though we’re working on my future, I sometimes forget that it’s work! Before I met Jools, I felt like I was in a complete fog over my life and career direction. Now I feel supported and part of a success team: I have great clarity & excitement and I feel alive again, because I’m finally following my passion and creating a successful business around it.”

Ambila Nath, Spiritual Coach, Brighton  https://www.ambilanath.com/

Malcolm Callen

“In the run up to leaving the Army, after nearly 34 years, I was not sure what I wanted to do. I was confused and a bit in denial that my only career was about to end. The help provided through the Armed Forces had helped with the practicalities of leaving the Army but not with resolving my uncertainty. As my departure date drew closer I realised that I needed a complete review of what I wanted in work and in my life.

My VIP Career Coaching day with Jools was fun! I wasn’t sure what to expect but Jools made it an enjoyable and powerful day, during which we explored my achievements, knowledge & experience, gained over the course of my career, and through that we built up a picture of me, my aspirations, my drivers and my needs. Through this I emerged with a clear belief in myself and in what I wanted to do next in terms of my second career, and my life, over the next five years.

As a result of working with Jools, I applied for a great job, was successful through the two-interview process and will soon be starting my second career. I was well prepared for the interviews and was able to sell myself, having got to know myself and my worth far better during our VIP day.”

Malcolm Callen, Senior Safety Manager, Bristol


“When Jools and I first spoke, I felt very low; my self worth and self esteem were truly through the floor, having just been through some very traumatic life events (loss of a partner, home and almost job and career). I was not myself, on edge and even slightly mistrusting. On talking to Jools, I felt hopeful and excited about the future, as though a veil had been lifted, ever so slightly, to give me a glimpse of what could be. I decided to spend the day with Jools because she was kind and warm and, even though we had never met, I really felt that she cared and wanted to help me – that meant a lot. Also, the things we discussed made me curious about what more I could discover and how I could become an even better version of myself.

My VIP day was really lovely. Jools has a fantastic energy; she is a very vital person and we laughed a lot. It was so unusual for me to have anything completely focused on me. Jools made the environment comfortable and relaxed and she was so compassionate and patient with me, carefully teasing out all the information she needed to best help and guide me. I felt completely cared for, pampered and attended to the entire day, which was something I wasn’t expecting. It was a real insight to discover things about me that I had not previously taken the time to consider or acknowledge.

What I learned on the VIP day increased my self worth and helped me to recognise when situations in my life weren’t serving me; I have set about removing those things, situations and people from my life. I am able to set goals for myself now and feel I am on a path to great things. The VIP day taught me that investing in myself is important and it started for me a deeper journey of self discovery and development. The best thing is that I have learned to love myself – I am an amazing person and I truly believe that now. I understand more about my contribution to the world and what I want from life – this has taken me from feeling lost to knowing that I’m living on-purpose. Thank you, Jools.”

Carly Snowdon, Paediatric Nurse, Hampshire

Mark Deakin

“Jools provided me with sound, positive and professional advice as I underwent a life changing career move, leaving the Royal Air Force. Her bubbly and infectious personality, tied in with her encouraging and forward thinking advice, was pivotal in me achieving my aim of moving out of my comfort zone and into the arena of my new career path. I would wholeheartedly recommend using Jools’ expansive coaching knowledge and experiences to move you forward, especially if you have lost your way in your current career path.”

Mark Deakin, Principal Safety & Airworthiness Engineer, Somerset

Dawn Rennie

“Jools is a most fabulous, passionate, honest woman, with masses of integrity. She has a unique gift of helping you to explore, and understand, the range of your gifts, skills, talents and abilities. What I learned from working with Jools is to trust in my own judgement, to believe in my abilities and to know, beyond doubt, that I can achieve whatever I want. I’m loving fully expressing myself and my uniqueness in an authentic and accessible way through my work – working with Jools has been a fundamental part in the development of my business, Dawn Rennie Interiors.”

Dawn Rennie, Interior Designer, Scotland 


“I applied to work with Jools because I felt this was a great opportunity to look into myself and address internal barriers, thoughts and feelings that I knew were holding me back. Jools met all of my aims and so much more – my expectations have been utterly exceeded.

I loved the magical feeling of Jools’ programme, the lightness of the journey, the depth of the course and the processes and techniques that she used.

The most valuable part of the coaching process for me has been the deep insight into myself and the unhealthy, unconscious behaviours that I was normalising to keep myself protected. Jools helped me to see that these behaviours were a huge barrier to moving forward in my career and my life. Through working with Jools, I have learned that I am actually a strong, confident person who has to ability to excel.

The experience I have had, throughout the coaching process, has given me many new tools that I will utilise on a daily basis.

I have gained increased self awareness and confidence and I have learned how to engage with colleagues and clients in a far more meaningful way.

I have a professional vision now, which is helping me to see where I’m going and how I’m getting there. I’ve also learned coaching and mirroring techniques which are invaluable to me on a daily basis.

As a result of working with Jools, I’m more open-minded, less caged off and I’ve taken off the protective armour that I previously believed I needed to wear with my colleagues. I’ve also released limiting behaviours that were locked inside me; it seems that I wasn’t ready to face them until Jools came along and helped me to change.

I’m creating open, positive communication that is effective. I set new realistic goals, both personally and professionally, and I’m reflecting far more. I’ve rid myself of the stagnant, negative feelings I was having in relation to progression, because I’m creating the career pathway that works for me and the organisation.

Jools is brilliant at what she does. She’s a beautiful human being and a lovely woman with a big heart. She has a magical ability to allow you to feel comfortable, to trust and to open up. Jools gently allowed me to sail through the coaching experience, feeling safe and wanting to engage more and more each time. I used to look forward to my sessions with Jools, as they left me feeling energised and always gave me another perspective of myself, to help me to reflect, analyse, question and look at new ways of doing things. I understood the dynamic and logistics of some of my behaviours, which then enabled me to understand their potential consequences and create change.

Jools is very open, honest and non judgmental – nothing surprises her and she does not discriminate. Jools is a very REAL person who is absolutely grounded and, to be honest, I am sad that my journey with her has ended.

I really enjoyed the coaching experience and feel that the tools, techniques and insights I have gained will be invaluable to me in both a professional and personal capacity.”

Diane, Family Liaison Worker, National Care Organisation

“I applied to work with Jools because I felt I was at a point in my life and career where I needed to know which way was the “right” way, and have the confidence to go and get something out of it.

I really had no idea what to expect from coaching – potentially just support in my current role and general help. I didn’t know, beforehand, the many possibilities there were from coaching.
However, I have learned more about myself in these past few weeks, condensed and plain in front of me, than I ever have in the rest of my life. I’ve been able to critique myself, but also compliment myself (and allow myself to do that).

I’ve been able to find answers to questions I never knew I had inside me to ask. It was like reaching another plane of my existence, to find out who the “real” me is, and what the best thing for me and my career is.

Through this process, I have learned that I am a person – not just a “nurse” – and that I can be a professional, a mum and simply me.

I have become more aware of how to identify difficulties and how to address them. In the past, I have sometimes thought that the problem lay with me, but now I realise that everyone would find certain situations challenging and I will, in future ask for help if I’m struggling.

In terms of the benefit to the company of the work I’ve done with Jools, I feel that I am far more confident, with a clear understanding of what I bring, what I do and how I do it – which is extremely well. Knowing about the direction I can choose to go in, which will benefit not only me but the organisation, is a huge eye opener.

As a result of working with Jools, I’m organizing myself better, giving myself a break and realizing that I can’t do 30 hours of work in one day. I’m also prioritizing my time better.

Jools is a breath of fresh air, and helps you to see all the amazing things about yourself which, over time, you may have forgotten about or didn’t even realise existed. She’s honest and to the point, in the best possible way and done with pure love. I think everyone needs to have some soul-searching time with Jools.

I feel I have known Jools for years. I could ask her about anything, and discuss anything openly to help with my progression. Knowing someone has been though what you have makes experiences like this even more fulfilling.

I am just really lucky and happy that I was able to work with Jools. This came at the best/worst time of my life and I will be forever grateful.”

Gina, Family Liaison Worker, National Care Organisation

Michael Plant

“I was recently introduced to Jools through a business associate; after just a 45 minute telephone conversation, I was left in no doubt that her professional guidance would benefit me in my upcoming career change, from military life to civilian. Not only that, but her calm, clear and focused guidance during the call enabled me to relax and free my thoughts, thus coming away from the chat with several key ideas that I developed straight away, which led me to my current role. Thank you.”

Michael Plant, Director, Hereford

Dawn Rennie“Before working with Jools, I knew that there was more to my life than what I was living but all I was doing was feeling more and more frustrated that I wasn’t getting anywhere near it. I seemingly had all these “plans” but in fact no plan to actually start doing any of it. I was listening to too many people who only ever advised me “that this was life” and I should “learn to accept it” and “be grateful for what had”. Jools was the first person who truly believed that I could do anything that I wanted to do – and she didn’t just say that to me but she actively encouraged & supported me to fulfil my potential and go for what I wanted. Now I’m building a business based on what I love to do and who I am – and it feels amazing!”

Laura Parr, Conscious Business Design, London

Meg Ward

“Ever since first meeting Jools, I’ve been overwhelmed by her generosity, openness and infectious excitement for life. Spend any length of time with Jools and things start to happen! Jools is an inspiration, a guide and one of my greatest supporters. Her passion and bubbly personality are infectious, as is her total belief in my uniqueness. She’s totally genuine, authentic and honest, which inspires you to be the same. I feel I’m at the beginning of something amazing; I’ve learned the value of being truly, totally, honestly myself and I’m loving it!”

Meg Ward, Austria

Denise Devlin

“Jools is an exceptional Coach and Mentor – one of the most fantastic, creative and professional in her field. When I was first pursuing my own business venture, ‘Positive Parties,’ Jools was the one who steered me in the right direction when I was ‘off focus’ and overwhelmed. If it hadn’t been for Jools’ empathy & amazing coaching skills I could have given up, but instead I am doing what I was born to do – building up Positive Parties as a franchise company. It’s my life’s purpose and I love it! I highly recommend any of Jools’ programmes to all budding/existing entrepreneurs and ‘movers and shakers’ out there. Believe me, Jools Parsons will rock your world!”

Denise Devlin, CEO of Positive Parties, N Ireland

Karen Sinclair

“Jools is an inspirational person and Coach; her style is warm, flowing, empathetic and instinctive. She has totally changed my initial perception of coaching; rather than putting a lot of pressure on an individual to change, her coaching has helped me to recognise the undue pressures I was placing myself under, due to thought processes, and even misconceived beliefs, about myself, others and my place in the world. I now feel free to be myself, acknowledging my unique talents and making my particular contribution to the world, both in my career and in my life. The active positive thinking that Jools has encouraged me to underpin my life with has made a real difference to me and has brought many wonderful changes already.”

Karen Sinclair, Procurement Manager, Cambridgeshire

Heather Sunley“I just want to say thank you for your wonderful support over the past few months and for how your intuitive questions have helped me unscramble my thoughts. You’ve kept me focused on what had to be done and, in your uniquely gentle, intuitive way, you used your skills to draw out from me my own answers, as well as showing me the wonderful possibilities that life can offer – what an inspiration you are!

You radiate energy and vitality, have a wonderful caring, holistic approach and are very, very generous in sharing your knowledge.

We’ve done some fantastic, dynamic and effective work together. You have an obvious passion for people and I am very blessed to have you in my life. With your support and encouragement I shall be climbing many mountains.”

Heather Sunley, Carmarthenshire

“I applied to work with Jools because I thought it was something that sounded really interesting and that I’d never had the opportunity to do before. I was very open minded; I didn’t know what to expect but was hoping that I would gain a better understanding of myself and where my direction was taking me, career wise and work wise.

Jools met all of my aims – and tenfold at that!! I was amazed at the end of the process; I didn’t think for one second that in a few short weeks my whole outlook could have changed. The most valuable part of the coaching process has been the insight I’ve had into myself. I have learned to love myself again and I can see my own worth. I feel more confident in my own abilities and just more confident in general.

Through working with Jools, I have learned that I have allowed other people to dictate how I am perceived. I fed into the persona of ‘the gobby one’ but not anymore. I now know that I am a valuable member of the team and I focus on the positives. I have always been an optimist and find it easy to empathise with people at every level; I have learned that this is fine but I now know when to switch off and not allow other people’s feelings and problems to drain me. I bring positivity and experience to my team, enjoying sharing my knowledge whilst maintaining healthy boundaries.

Outside of work, I have worked on my feelings of ‘guilt’. I keep that word out of my vocabulary now along with the word ‘try’. I don’t try anymore, I either do or I don’t. I am a good mum who holds down a full time job, whilst running a home on my own to the best of my abilities. I now think if you don’t like that, then that’s your business!

This process has shown me that I already have the tools to succeed. I just needed a reminder of who I am and a little guidance to utilise my skills. I will be using this experience to better myself within my career; I now feel that I have a path and I’m not just floating along.

I have learned to deal with stress and to process my own feelings and emotions – this has already benefitted my team; I am definitely more of a joy to work with!

In terms of my professional life, I have already made many changes to my outlook. Coming into work with a positive attitude every day has had a knock on effect on the rest of the team. I am now looking to the future and actively suggesting things to my Ops Manager that I think would benefit my team and the company as a whole. I have got my excitement back to be working for my organisation.

What can I say about Jools? She is the most amazing person I have ever come across. Her energy and positivity are contagious. She has this ability to read people and just know exactly what they need. I always looked forward to my sessions with her.

She has helped me with more than my professional life; she was involved in helping in my personal life and I really don’t have enough words to express my love and gratitude towards her. I feel extremely lucky to have been given this opportunity to work with Jools and I think everyone should have the opportunity.

Jools, I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done to help me both personally and professionally. If I could be a tenth of the person you are I would count my blessings. You have helped me get nearer to the me I was before my life went awry and I will always be grateful to you for that.”

Alice, Team Leader, National Care Organisation

“I applied to work with Jools because I felt very stagnant in my career. I wanted to be taken out of my comfort zone and learn more about myself.

Through coaching, I learned that I’d been taking my vast experience, knowledge and skills, gained before joining the company, for granted and not valuing them, when, in fact, they enable me to do my job expertly.

I’ve understood the importance of having a proper work- life balance, to enable me to have a good quality of life outside work and to perform to an excellent standard at work. I will carry on developing myself with far more self awareness than I had previous to working with Jools.

A really valuable part of working with Jools was being able to openly discuss everything in a confidential setting. An added bonus was that I was able to explore, understand and reach resolutions on the issues that were puzzling me within the organisation’s current practice.

As a result of working with Jools, I am working far more effectively with other teams within the organisation.

I am now able to use a coaching approach with situations in my department, as they arise, to help my colleagues to gain more clarity and to help us all work more closely as a team.

With the clients, I am able to provide a far more bespoke package to help them build a trusting relationship with the company and I’m focusing on transparency, to help the clients and nurses clearly understand our processes and decisions.

Working with Jools has been like breathing in fresh air and I have learned so much about myself. I am thankful to my organisation for giving me the opportunity to work with Jools – the experience has been life-changing.”

Valerie, Customer Services Expert, National Care Organisation

Vicki Waghorn“Jools’ energy and style is exhilarating, warm, funny, crazy & genuine. Her honesty about life is refreshing and uplifting, making you feel powerful – like anything is possible!

I feel blessed to have been part of Jools’ fabulous Simply YOU! event, where I realised that I actually already have everything I need to make success happen. As a result of being there, I have a new confidence in myself – my new life motto is ‘feel the fear and do it anyway!’

I didn’t want the day to end; it was a wonderful, relaxing, informative & loving environment – and loads of fun! I highly recommend a day with Jools to anyone!.”

Vicki Waghorn, Make-up Artist, Bristol

Kayleigh Steadman“Jools is so authentic – she comes across as being completely herself. Her bubbly & enthusiastic energy is infectious and she’s great putting you at ease, by encouraging and supporting you.

Spending the day with Jools at Simply YOU! helped me to acknowledge and define a couple of goals that I had identified at the beginning of the year, but had been too scared to admit/act on until now – so she’s helped me to completely re-focus in the right direction. I also realised that I had couple of key beliefs hidden in my psyche that have been negatively affecting my everyday behaviour – without my even knowing! The most wonderful thing, though, is that I realised (as Jools always says) that I already have the key factors in place to start achieving my big goals/dreams.

As a result of attending Simply YOU! I’ll be changing direction at work to start moving towards my dream job; I’ll be finding a way to incorporate my big passion into my life more regularly and, now that I know how, I’ll be exploring any other unconscious beliefs that hold me back – and getting rid of them!”

Kayleigh Steadman, Entrepreneur, Bristol

Catriona StandingfordSimply YOU! was 8 hours of learning – but not of the boring variety! Varied, creative, ‘different’ and, most importantly, positively useful. The atmosphere was one of support from every woman in the room with no judging or negativity – just genuine interest, encouragement and helpfulness.

I ended the day realising that I have recently made the right decisions, and I had actually already chosen my path (even if I hadn’t realised it) and was walking down it positively. Confirmation of that made the day so worthwhile for me. Sometimes in life you just need a 2nd layer of confirmation to move forward in a strong and focussed way – and that’s exactly what I got from my day with Jools.

It was a really positive & interesting day and I would highly recommend it to anybody who feels at a crossroads in their life or who simply feels ‘stuck’.”

Catriona Standingford, Company Director, Chepstow

“Jools has such a vibrant energy as she encourages you to identify, reach for and achieve your life dreams. Her Simply YOU! event started off in Jools’ own inimitable, upbeat style, with music and pizzazz that carried on across the day and was totally infectious. At the same time, the programme’s true, deeper side got all of us to dig down into ourselves and actually take the time to stop and think about what we really want out of life and to prioritise our needs – often as a change from the norm. Jools encouraged us all to go out and get whatever it is we want – throwing off all excuses.

It was a lovely day, full of fun, and Jools made us feel supported & loved all the way. Most of the women attending at the event started off complete strangers, but Jools fostered a caring and supportive environment, that quickly ensured that people opened up enough, to realise that we could all reach our full potential with the right support and by asking the right questions. The day provided plenty of ‘light bulb’ moments when some of us realised there were long-desired paths ahead, which we had either forgotten or deliberately pushed aside, but which need to be re-opened for us to remain true to ourselves.

A poignant day with some life affirming and life changing moments. Will definitely attend any future events with Jools.”

Caroline C, Marketing Manager, Manchester

Lisa Young“Jools brings immense energy to everything she tackles and her Simply YOU! event was no exception!

Jools brought fun & dynamism, with laughter and fun, which really helped me to ‘take stock’ and think about where I am in life and where I’d prefer to be. The process, as promised, was simple & effective and the environment completely safe to share whatever I was comfortable to share, or not. There were parts of the day where we had the opportunity to share in the lives and stories of the other women in the room and this was so valuable.

I came away with a better understanding of my own beliefs and values – Jools skilfully facilitated thought processes which allowed me to begin to understand what they have the potential to mean for me. I have more thinking to do, having never had ‘a dream’ but an inbuilt belief that I have so much more potential than I am currently fulfilling. I will be using the Simply YOU! workbook from the event to continue to work through my plans to develop a real purpose.

Being surrounded by wonderful, successful women was inspiring and motivating – with Jools to inspire and motivate you, you are simply driven to discover your path (if you don’t already have it planned) and achieve your life aspirations.”

Lisa Young, Project Manager, Bath

Hannah Cook

“I learned a lot about myself at Simply YOU! The dreams that came out in my ‘big picture’ were not what I expected and the thing I that I thought was most important to me didn’t even feature! A big eye opener! I also learned that I can change my belief system to stop things from holding me back – this is a massive one for me as I hold/held(!) so many negative beliefs about myself and my ability. I also learned that it is ok not to be ‘ok’ all of the time and that facing my fears is not as scary as I thought!

Jools has unstoppable energy that you can’t help but find contagious – she is the sort of person you just want to be around! I would highly recommend working with Jools if you want to reach your full potential; she helps you to see that you can do anything you want with the right tools ;o)”

Hannah Cook, Business Owner, Bristol

Amy Davies”Before I started working with Jools, I was feeling lost, frustrated and extremely anxious that my life wasn’t heading in the direction I wanted it to go.  My motivation was virtually nil and I was beginning to lose sight of what I genuinely wanted to do with my life.  Mainly, I was petrified that I wasn’t being the best that I could be.  I contacted Jools after hearing about the success of a friend from university – I was impressed by how amazingly well she was doing in her career, as a result of working with Jools.

My VIP day with Jools really did change things for me.  I left with a plan of action, which was invaluable. I gained perspective and focus, all in just one day, and Jools helped me to find out who I truly am.  I began to question the possibilities for me that I had never thought possible before.  As strange as this might seem, when Jools asked me, ‘What is your ultimate dream job?’, I found it extremely hard to answer, as, previously, I would be far too ready to put obstacles in front of why I wouldn’t be able to achieve my goals – purely because of what other people had told me was or wasn’t possible for me.  I left the day with a new confidence and self-belief; I now know how I want my life to look and that I can reach my goals by being fully committed to what I want to achieve.

I believe that anything is possible for me – I can make my dream life & career happen.  Jools is such a positive presence and truly inspiring; with her ongoing support, I am so excited to see where this next chapter will take me :).”

Amy Davies, Illustrator, Carmarthenshire

Saskia Hamer“Before I attended Jools’ HAPPY in a Heartbeat day, I read all the testimonials on her website with a bit of a critical view, as the testimonials, to be honest, seemed too good to be true. And now here I am adding more praise, as I completely understand what people mean. Jools’ energy is infectious, inspiring and genuine. I learned a lot about myself in such a short time, including the key passions I am going to develop to expand in my life. It was also lovely meeting other women who, like me, wanted to take stock and think about the next steps we can take to achieve our life & career dreams and goals. I’ve even started to pay the life-changing things I’ve learned forward, as Jools asked us to do. I would recommend a day with Jools to anyone; she is an inspirational person and an amazing Life Coach.”

Saskia Hamer, Programme Manager, Swansea

“I came across JooCherylls through a work colleague, who passed me her business card, and I just felt that I had to make contact – like it was meant to be. After much deliberation, I decided to attend HAPPY in a Heartbeat and I’m so glad I did. The day was full of fun and it was a pleasure to be in the presence of the inspirational women who attended. There was just the right number of women, which helped us to feel safe and supported; it really was perfect, as we all felt like VIP’s for the day and had quality time with each other.

The main thing that I took away from the day was not to give up on my aspirations. I learned that, as long as I have a vision, the ‘hows’ of achieving that vision will happen when I take even small steps towards it. I also realised the importance of being thankful for what I have and, since attending this event, I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal, writing down 10 things each day for which I’m thankful. It helps me to really appreciate the small things in life and keeps me in a happy place.

Jools was fantastic and I would highly recommend anybody to go to one of her amazing events.”

Cheryl Entwistle, Events Manager, Swansea

SarahLynn“Since attending Jools’ HAPPY in a Heartbeat event, I feel so much clearer about my way forward in life and work; I’ve stopped procrastinating and started making plans & steps to move towards my Happiest Life Yet! I’ve booked myself on courses I want to take, started shouting about my love of Matrix Reimprinting to anyone who will listen, stopped saying “yes” to all & sundry and started crafting my ideal life/work balance. It’s very empowering!

Jools is a down to earth, caring, funny and inspirational lady and her events are fun, interactive and get your brain cells working – all in a “safe” environment, with women on a similar journey to yours, which is an amazing and electric combination.

I would thoroughly recommend working with Jools – if you are thinking about it, STOP THINKING and DO IT. You’ll be so glad you did – I am!”

Sarah Lynn, Owner of Emerald Dreams, Swansea

Fiona-GleesonJools is vibrant, exciting to be around and very funny! Her energy, from the start of HAPPY in a Heartbeat, helped everyone to relax and feel safe and at ease. As a consequence, people opened up straight away and shared their stories and dreams with each other. The main thing I learned on the day is the amazing power of positive thinking and how it is easy to become trapped in a cycle of negativity if you’re not aware of how to be in control of your thoughts. I realised that every one of us has the power to achieve whatever we want – we simply hold the belief that it’s possible and then set down the steps involved in getting there. I also learned about Gratitude and love the idea of keeping a gratitude diary; as a result of the day, I ask myself each day what I’m grateful for and there are many things. I loved the group of women that attended; they were all incredibly strong, warm, open and motivational. I felt privileged to be part of that and I will recommend attending these days with Jools to all my friends – it was an absolute pleasure from start to finish.”

Fiona Gleeson, Acquisitions Manager, London

liz-staples“I had great time at Jools’ HAPPY in a Heartbeat event and really felt like her VIP guest. Jools is warm, energetic and, most of all, inspiring and the women there were open, supportive and just the right number to feel safe to share stories, experiences & aspirations. The main thing I learned on the day was to count my blessings every day and choose to have positive thoughts and use positive language – it’s so easy to get caught up in a negative cycle of moaning about every day things, instead of regularly stopping to ‘smell the roses’ and be thankful. I highly recommend a day with Jools to anyone who wants to learn how to create the happy life that they truly want.”

Liz Staples, Project Manager, Bristol

janet“At HAPPY in a Heartbeat, Jools gave me answers to questions I’ve been asking about myself and life – and, of course, because it was Jools, it was fun. I realised that true happiness is an inside job and that I can create the happiness and the life I want; in fact, Jools gave us knowledge and practical tools to start doing that straight away, which I’ve already implemented by starting a woman’s friendship group in Bristol.  I loved being with like-minded women and Jools was simply inspirational. All in all, a fantastic day!”

Janet Palmer, Scientist & Engineer, Bristol