VIP Experience

ou’ve waited long enough - it’s time for YOU to discover  the limitless possibilities for your LIFE, CAREER and FUTURE

The VIP Experience is for you if you:

gold_sparkle_small_tick Feel lost, or at a crossroads in your life and/or career and don’t know how, or in which direction, to move forward
gold_sparkle_small_tick Sense that you have so much more to experience, and to give, but can’t work out what that ‘more’ actually is
gold_sparkle_small_tick Know that the discomfort of making change happen in your life has become preferable to the pain of staying where you are
gold_sparkle_small_tick Are ready to invest in yourself, your growth and your future
gold_sparkle_small_tick Want to move forward, quickly and confidently, with crystal clarity about who you are and where you’re going
gold_sparkle_small_tick Would love to have not only the VIP Experience itself, but also 3 months of support, coaching and mentoring from one of the UK’s leading Life and Career Coaches, whose results are proven time and time again.

Denise Devlin

“Jools is an exceptional Coach and Mentor – one of the most fantastic, creative and professional in her field.”

Denise Devlin, Bernadette Doyle

“Jools has incredible personal presence – she lights up the room with her essence.’”

Bernadette Doyle, Client Magnets Ltd.

Julie Johnson

“’Jools has a gift for true connection – for seeing you as you truly are and for reflecting that back with love and enthusiasm.”

Julie Johnson, Leading Success Coach, Mentor, Speaker and Author.

Lucinda Sinclair

“It’s totally exhilarating to be in Jools’ presence – in the most amazing way, her joyous spirit is infectious.”

Lucinda Sinclair, Fashion Designer

Vicki Waghorn “Jools’ energy and style is exhilarating, warm, funny & genuine; she makes you feel powerful – like anything is possible! Vicki Waghorn, Make-up Artist Hannah Cook

“Jools has unstoppable energy that you can’t help but find contagious – she is the sort of person you just want to be around!”

Hannah Cook, Business Owner

Lisa Young“Jools has such a vibrant energy as she encourages you to identify, reach for and achieve your life dreams.”

Lisa Young, Project Manager

julie-moon‘Jools is someone for whom the word ‘impossible’ doesn’t exist. She’s a woman of incredible strength, integrity and self-belief. If she sets to achieve something, then by God, she will get there and, best of all, she inspires that determination and confidence in those around her.”

Julia Moon, Freelance Film Producer/Director

dawn-o”Jools is a most fabulous, passionate, honest woman, with masses of integrity.”

Dawn Rennie, Interior Designer

Kayleigh“Jools is so authentic – she comes across as being completely herself. Her bubbly & enthusiastic energy is infectious and she’s great putting you at ease, by encouraging and supporting you.”

Kayleigh Steadman, Entrepreneur


So, if this feels right for you, and you want to talk about arranging your personal, 1 – 1, VIP Experience with me, please fill in the CONFIDENTIAL form below, to help both of us understand where you are in your life right now and how I can help you:

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    Jools x