There’s Still Time To Make This The Best Year Of Your Life!

4jan4I was recently listening to a talk by the inspirational speaker, Jack Cranfield, about creating your best ever life.

He reminded me how very simple it can be to change your life – because changing your life begins with one small step, which, in this case, is to visualise how your life will look 7 months from now, when you’ve made the changes you want to make.

Visualisation is a truly exciting and powerful tool which everyone can use.

We all think in pictures, so visualisation is a natural thing for us to do (we do it when we daydream, or even when we’re just calling something or someone to mind), and it helps our unconscious mind to clearly see the life we want so that it can get to work in helping us create it.

So this is the process, courtesy of Jack Cranfield:

4jan5Take yourself forward to 31st December 2013

As you hear yourself singing Auld Lang Syne on New Year’s Eve 2013, see yourself where you want to be by then, doing what you want to do, feeling how you want to feel, with the people you want around you – and ask yourself this question:

”What have I done to make 2013 the best year of my life?”

Clearly seeing the end result helps you to work backwards in your mind, to help you know many of the hows of achieving it. You don’t even need to know all of the hows at this stage – they tend to present themselves once you’ve taken the first step!

And dream BIG!

4jan6Set what Jack Cranfield calls BHAG’s – Big Hairy Audacious Goals – because you have the power inside YOU to achieve them and, in truth, to do anything you want. For this reason, your goals need to have ‘stretch’ and challenge in them – your comfort zone is the enemy of your success.

And then, IMMEDIATELY, identify 3 steps you can take right now.

As part of this creative process:

Pay particular attention to what lights you up and what excites

Think about what your passions are and how you can actively live your life’s Purpose.

Remember times when you felt in ‘flow’ – when time didn’t exist, because you were
loving what you were doing so much and knew you were growing as a result of doing

This is crucial, because you’ll only be happy, fulfilled and successful when you’re doing something you can put your whole heart into.

4jan7Now, to add some stardust to the process, imagine yourself waving a magic wand over your life.


And think about these questions:

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t possibly fail?

What would you do if there were absolutely no constraints or limitations?

4jan8What would you do with your life then?

You see, whatever it is, you can do it. You have the power.

How do I know this to be a fact? Well, because I’m doing it, the people I work with are doing it and many other people in the world are doing it – that is the very simple truth!

Finally, to add meaning and purpose to the mix, ask yourself these questions:

What can I do to make a real difference?

Because, as you know, we’re on this planet to make a difference – by being who we are, doing what we love and making the lives of other people brighter, sunnier places to be.

There’s something that ONLY YOU can do in your unique way. if you don’t make your difference, it won’t be made and the people who would have benefitted from it will miss out big style.

What’s my life’s message?

4jan9And how will you use your voice to communicate it?

Is there a book inside you bursting to get out? A career change you’ve been longing to make? A business you’ve been yearning to get off the ground? A place in the world that you just have to see?

Life is short and we have a responsibility to ourself and each other to live it to the max.

Why not make 2013 the year you do exactly that and make it the best year of your life?

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