What Are You Proud Of?

9aug-6It has come to my attention that some of the women in this community aren’t giving themselves nearly enough credit for a) how stunning they truly are and b) the amazing things they’ve achieved.

So, let’s change all that right now!

The nature of stunning women like us is that (amongst many other things) we:

1. Know and love who we are – just as we are

2. Are our own best friend

3. Have compassion for ourselves when we sometimes feel small, trip up or make a mistake

4. Understand how innately talented we are

5. Know we make a difference in the world – in the way that only we can

6. Acknowledge the amazing things we’ve achieved

And, if you’re having trouble with the first 5, then actively doing the 6th really helps. I call it Owning Your Magnificence.

9aug-7It’s really important to own your own Magnificence, because it reminds you:

tick-pinkHow far you’ve come

tick-pinkWhat you’re truly capable of and

tick-pinkHow much more you can achieve in the future.

Which, in turn:

tick-purpleRaises your self-worth

tick-purpleBoosts your confidence and

tick-purpleIncreases your excitement-about-life.

We don’t do modest in this community – at least, not in the way that our mothers’ and grandmothers’ generations would describe it.

No – as stunning women, we do quietly, joyfully, charismatically and celebratory CONFIDENCE in who we are!

I want you to own and celebrate your magnificence right now.

So, let’s break this process down into 4 parts….

Part 1

Write down all the things you’re proud of yourself for achieving, or overcoming, in your childhood – up to teenage years.

9aug-8Picture yourself as your very young self. See the world through her eyes; remember the courage, determination & strength she needed to do the things she did – sometimes in the face of difficulty or fear.

This can range from school achievements & happenings, to awards & qualifications, to your youthful relationships, to surviving a challenging childhood and coming out the stronger for it – all and everything you’re proud of your young self for.

When you really focus on this, I think you’ll be surprised at how amazing the young you truly was. But then, she was laying the early foundations for the stunning you that you are today!

(NOTE: When I did this exercise, I found it helpful to pull out some pictures of the younger me. And as I counted the many ways I was proud of young Jools, I found myself thanking her for the things she did that make me the strong, brave, tenacious woman I am today. It was very moving and I was (and am) truly thankful for her and to her.)

Part 2

Now remember yourself from the age of about 16 to 25 and write down all the things you’re proud of your young adult self for achieving.

9aug-9(I know, by the way, that this brings some of you right up to the present day!)

Again, pictures help this process: apart from anything, they’ll bring a smile to your face – did you have an 80’s perm like I did, followed by a Duran Duran mullet???

And again, step inside your young adult self and see the world as she saw & experienced it.

As well as the obvious qualifications and academic achievements, what are you really proud of young you for achieving during this period of your life?

What risks did she take? What lessons did she learn? How did what she achieved lead you to where you are in your life now?

Write it all down – it’s important.

Part 3

Here, take yourself back to between the ages of 25 and 35.

9aug-10If there’s one thing you’ll realise, it’s how very much you changed and matured during these years.

This was probably a period of transition for you, where many life changes were happening that you had to adapt to and run with.

What do you give your younger self credit for during this time?

What particular challenges did she face head-on? What did you come to learn about yourself because of mistakes, decisions and choices she made in these years?

I’m guessing that you’re actually very proud of your achievements when you were in your 20’s and 30’s – which makes sense, because you were growing into the stunning woman you were born to be.

Part 4

Finally, remember yourself at 35 and bring maturing you right up to today.

9aug-11You had many life changes during these years, I’m sure, and more transitions.

I’m guessing that you’ve really started to appreciate the depth of who you are and what you’re capable of.

So, write it all down. What have you achieved, since the age of 35, that you didn’t think you could ever do? What obstacles have you overcome? What new learnings have you experienced? In what ways have you proved yourself to be tenacious, courageous and absolutely bloomin’ brilliant?

By now, I’m presuming that your I Own My Magnificence list is pages long. If it isn’t, go back and keep remembering until it is.

Now can you see what I already know about you – that you are a totally stunning woman, with a lifetime of achievements? And many MORE to come!

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