What’s The Purpose of Your Life?

15mar5bHave you ever asked yourself this question?

It’s a really big question, isn’t it? And yet, as I’ve shared with you before, it has a very simple answer.

And, just so you know, if you’re asking the question now, it’s because you’re ready to hear the answer – which is SO exciting!

I’ve talked previously about Life Purpose, in general terms. Let me remind you, briefly, what I said:

You’re here to:

purple-tickBe yourself – 100%, Simply YOU

purple-tickLove every day, have fun, enjoy and be happy (yes, really!)

purple-tickKnow, love, honour & celebrate the endless length, breadth and depth of who you are

purple-tickExpress your innate brilliance in the world and make your difference

purple-tickLearn, grow and fulfil your limitless potential.

So, how does that relate to you? What, specifically, is the purpose of your life and exactly how do you uncover the details?

1. Start by getting to know, or remember, who you truly are and love every precious part of you.

Ask yourself these questions:

purple-arrowWho am I – at the very core of me?

purple-arrowWhat’s the essence of who I truly am?

15mar6This could take a bit of unlocking, as there may well be many layers covering the core of who you are, built up over the years as you’ve gone through life. We’ve talked about women who feel like actresses, or onlookers, in their own lives (I see that a LOT!): knowing yourself is about being authentically, 100% you: knowing the Goddess that you truly are – in all your brilliant facets – and loving the freedom you’ve created for yourself as a result.

2. Understand how truly, innately brilliant you are.

15mar7If you’re saying to yourself, ‘Me, Jools? Brilliant? I don’t think so!!’, then I have news for you:

You’re as radiant as the most beautiful star in the universe – as brilliant as the most dazzling diamond.

You’ve just forgotten – which is why I’m here to remind you (that’s my job and I love to do it!).

You were born to light up the world with your brilliance. You have gifts, talents, personality, characteristics, knowledge, learning and experience that are totally unique to you – I call them your UPFM (Unique Personal Fusion of Magnificence) – it’s simply a matter of getting crystal clear on the specifics of what they are and then using all of them to make your difference.

3. Make your difference, in the way that ONLY YOU can.

Woodrow Wilson, an early 20th Century US President and leader of The Progressive Movement, said this:

”You are here not merely to make a living.

You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement.

You are here to enrich the world and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand”

15mar8You have a unique job to do in the world, based entirely, 100%, on who you are.

This job revolves around your passions and what’s really important to you, as well as your personality, your experiences and what you’ve learned along the way.

You’re here to help others with what you know and what you’ve experienced. So, it’s crucially important that you understand the length, breadth and depth of your stunning UPFM.

4. Always keep growing (because there’s always MORE for you to be, do, have, love, give and experience!)

The signs of lack of growth are:

A sense of emptiness; negative, debilitating stress; feeling ‘lost’; feeling disconnected from yourself; feeling small; boredom; poor mental and physical health; sadness & depression, listlessness & frustration and an overall feeling of confusion in life.

15mar9Whereas, regular growth, through developing, nurturing and investing in yourself, gives you:

The feeling that you’re living a ‘large’ full life; the knowledge that you’re in control; the joy of knowing that you’re making your highest contribution and working towards your dreams; positivity and energy; happiness and fulfilment; a sense of direction and a deep sense of meaning and purpose in your life.

Your life’s purpose relies on your consistent growth – because experiencing the fullness of your limitless potential is what you’re here for.

Only YOU can fulfil your unique life’s purpose. And, in living your purpose, you help others to live theirs.

Now you know the what and the how, when are you going to start?

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