Who Am I?


I’m Jools Parsons.

My aim is to show you just how extraordinary you can be – simply by being YOU.

I’m here to make you happy, fulfilled and excited about your life.

I want to add as much love, joy, fun and wonder to your life as I possibly can, so I’ll give you knowledge, information, how-to’s and tools that you can use to turn your life from ‘good’ to ‘thrilled to be alive’!

That’s because life is short (29,000 days, on average) & very precious and I believe that you are here, on this beautiful planet, to make your difference & change the world.

Juliet Parson Simply You!

Maybe that’s not quite the way you’d put it yet, but, trust me, if you’re feeling there’s ‘something more’ for you – that there must be more to your life – my view is that you’re feeling this way because you have a deep sense of your own extraordinary potential to be great and that there’s something you should be doing.

So that’s what I’ll help you to do – understand why you’re here and fulfil your potential to be great.

I’m an authentic woman  with a very simple mission, which is to change the world one extraordinary person at a time.

With me, what you see is what you get. No masks, nothing hidden, no pretence, heart on sleeve – simply me.

I help stunning people like you to dream and act BIG, because YOU were born to be EXTRAORDINARY.

Juliet Parson Simply You!

I believe that in order to be truly happy and fulfilled, you have to bring your whole self to the party of life and work – I call this honouring your UPFM: your Unique Personal Fusion of Magnificence. That means your personality, your gifts & talents, your skills, your knowledge, your wisdom, your life experience, your style, your learnings, your foibles, your light and shade, your Zone of Genius, your sorrows and joys, your triumphs and failures – every single part of you.

Because who you are, right now, is PERFECT to take you forward to become the extraordinary person that you were born to be.

Juliet Parson from Simply Jools with friends

Through my videos, programs, interviews, blogs and live events, you’ll learn practical wisdom from me and from the people who inspire me. And every time I learn something new, I’ll pass it on to you. In fact, if you click on the subject titles in the Ask Jools box above, in the column to your right, you can hear me speak about some of the things I’ve learned so far.

I lead by example – I walk my talk by living the extraordinary life I teach others about, growing and evolving every day.

I make my fair share of mistakes and bloopers, like everyone else.  And then I regroup and look for and apply the learning.

I stand on the shoulders of many giants – mentors, coaches, teachers and friends who’ve lovingly taught and supported me to create the extraordinary life that I knew, from a very young age, was waiting for me.

I don’t have all the answers, but the answers I do have I love to share – because I believe that sharing what we’ve learned is a big part of what we’re all here to do.

And I feel privileged to have you here, so thank you for spending time with me.

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