Will The Real YOU Please Step Forward?

14mar4So, you know that my signature song is I Am What I Am – you’ll have seen me dancing to it, if you were at my Simply YOU! Live! event last November.

I know who I am, inside out & upside down, which is why I can dance confidently and joyfully to my own tune.

And who, exactly, are YOU?

I ask this question because I meet so many amazing women who still don’t know who they are; they have absolutely no idea of the length, breadth, depth, wonder and power of their true self.

You, are a fantabulously unique package of gorgeousness, personality, gifts, talents, values, passions, skills, qualities, voice, experience, learning ….. and a whole lot more: what I call your UPFM, your Unique Personal Fusion of Magnificence.

And then you’re so much more than even that.14mar5

You are the YOU that’s at the very core of who you are – the truth of you, the essence of you, Universal YOU around which your UPFM and everything else rotates. Look on it as YOU being the sun and all the wonderful aspects & facets of you as being the planets!

And you are a conduit to bring something very special and totally unique into the world.

You are connected to everything in the Universe. As basic physics tells us, you are Universal energy in unique human form, which means that you have access to all Universal energy – access to something far bigger than yourself and to ideas & creativity that want to flow to you and through you into the world.

And all you have to do is be Simply YOU.

Because you are perfect and you are ready – ready to dance to your own tune and ready to speak with your unique voice.

”Genuinely inhabit your life and say, ‘Here I am – let’s dance!”’

Robert Holden

Sounds easy and straightforward to do this, doesn’t it? Well, it is easy. Because if you’re not dancing with life, the only person who’s the wallflower, stopping herself from dancing, is you.

And when I say ‘you’, I don’t mean the YOU that’s Universal and has cosmic quality – I mean the you that places conditions and constraints on yourself that aren’t connected, in any way, to the truth of who you are.

One of my Mentors, Nick Williams, talks about this in terms of your Conditional Self and your Unconditional Self.

Your Conditional Self is your self-image – the part of you that developed your answer to the question, ‘Who am I?’ from things your parents and teachers said or did, from your interactions with other people, from feedback, insults and compliments you’ve received, through successes & failures and through observations & perceptions of your feelings, thoughts and behaviours.

This is the small self that says things like:

I have to improve myself14mar6A
I have to reinvent myself
I have to do everything by myself
I have to find my inspiration outside of myself
I’m getting ready to be happy/successful/more loving/live my life on purpose (or whatever you’re getting ready for!)
I’m not enough
I’m not worthy.

Whereas your Unconditional Self – the Big Self that existed long before your self-image got in on the act – says:

I am perfect just as I am, in my full authenticity14mar7
I accept and love myself
I am connected to everything in the Universe
My essence – the Truth of who I am – is my inspiration
I am ready
I am MORE than enough
My time is NOW.

Robert Holden, who talks about dancing with life, calls this the ‘Already Principle’. He says that the secret of happiness is that you’re already happy. If you don’t feel it, he says, then you’re identified to the small self that doesn’t believe it.

Your true, Unconditional Self – that is the essence of YOU that was born into the world – knows that YOU are what you are seeking and that happiness is a quality of your true nature.


And your Unconditional Self has compassion for your Conditional Self, knowing that it has vulnerability, sensitivity and all the elements of your human story which are necessary to the connections you make in your life and to the difference you make in the world.

In fact, as Nick Williams, says, the two can marry, so that, through that marriage, you can express your True Self through your self-image. Which is why it’s so vitally important that you make friends with, and get to know, all aspects of you.

Every part of you is necessary to being Simply YOU and every part of you is valuable in being that conduit for bringing something special and unique to the world.

And your essence, at the core of you, is as radiant as the sun.

That is who YOU are!

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