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Here are the wonderful ways in which we can do some great work together …..

VIP Experience

vip-experience1Give yourself the gift of working with one of the UK’s leading Life & Career Coaches.

It’s important, especially when you’ve come to a crossroads in your life, to take time to work out what it is that you truly want.

So, why spend months, and even years, reading self-help books, attending seminars, buying programme after programme – and getting nowhere fast – when we can change your life, together, in one day?

We’ll look at your life (and if appropriate, your career), in a structured, intensive (and fun!) way. I’ll walk you through my Simply YOU! system, step by step, and you’ll walk away from the day with clarity, confidence, a detailed Plan of Action and the knowledge that I’ll be right beside you for the next 3 months, supporting, coaching and mentoring you to the success you deserve.

Is the VIP Experience for you?

If you know that you’re ready to find out who you are, what you want and where you want to be – and do it in a fully supported, action-oriented way – this is definitely for you.

This experience is all about YOU and getting you to where your life and career need to be, for your fulfilment and happiness.

It’s intensive, effective and extremely powerful.

If you’re overwhelmed, confused, lost, at a crossroads or just not enjoying in your life, the VIP Experience will change that in just a few transformational hours!

vip2“The VIP Day was full of fun and laughter, and although we covered a lot, I forgot that I was actually working! I’d come into the day with a fog over my head about my direction and way forward; at the end of the day, I’d gained great clarity, excitement and feeling alive again – that I was finally following my passion. It was an amazing day!”

Ambila Nath,

Saskia Volders

After my maternity break I decided to make the big leap of becoming a self-employed career coach. I had never been self-employed before and I was getting really stuck over what rates to charge and understanding my worth. After attending one of Jools’ events, and then chatting with her on the ‘phone, I knew she was the perfect person to help me.

My VIP Day with Jools was, in all honesty, life-changing. Within ‘just’ one day, Jools asked the right questions, listened carefully and challenged my perceptions in a non-judgemental, positive way which I would wish every person could experience. The big ‘aha’ moments that Jools triggered through her coaching took away the mental obstacles which, I quickly realised, would have been serious threats to the success of my business.

The follow-up sessions were so valuable. I thought we would communicate about the action plan we’d created and that Jools would ensure I would keep on track and be there for the wobbly times. Instead, with every session, her wealth of business knowledge and practical wisdom showed that my choice to invest in her coaching, instead of additional business/entrepreneurship training, had been exactly the right decision. She helped me overcome times when I was procrastinating and letting self-doubt and perfectionism getting in the way of growing my business.

The main things I received from Jools are: a respectful understanding of my skills, talents and worth; self confidence; clarity over how I want my business to be; completely overcoming the deeply-held fears over the financial side of the business – in fact, I raised my fees by nearly 100% when Jools helped me to understand the huge value I was giving my clients and the impressive results they were getting as a result of working with me; the understanding of how to communicate what I do and attract clients and, the most important thing, experiencing joy on a daily basis in my business.

I started recognising other areas where fear was holding me back, so Jools’ coaching has empowered me in both my professional and my personal life. Jools brought so much joy into my professional life, that it’s naturally overflowed into my everyday life. Her coaching method has also improved my career coaching and the results for my clients have been life-changing.

I would describe Jools as genuine, funny, warm, motivating, challenging and inspirational – I wish everyone could have a Coach like Jools; she has not only been my Coach, she has been the most wonderful business mentor, cheerleader, fairy godmother and guardian angel, all-in-one to me.

Saskia Volders, Swansea

malcolm-callen“My VIP Career Coaching day with Jools was fun! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Jools made it an enjoyable and powerful day, from which I emerged with a clear belief in myself and in what I wanted to do next in terms of my second career and my life.”

Malcolm Callun, Senior Safety Manager

FionaGleeson-sm“My VIP Day with Jools was relaxed and full of fun – and I achieved so much in such a short space of time. I’ve worked through the action plan we made together, on how to improve my life personally and professionally, and within weeks I have made great progress – and that was only after the VIP day; I’ll be working with Jools, as my Coach and Mentor, over the coming months, so I expect great things from myself.
Fiona Gleeson, Financial Controller

Andy hall

“Before working with Jools, I was ready to leave the Royal Navy as I felt I’d achieved all I was going to achieve. However, I had very little idea about how to get another job, since the last job I’d applied for was the RN some 23 years earlier! I was also unsure about exactly what sort of second career would be best for me and what skills and experience I had which would be of most value to industry. From talking to friends who were leaving the Service, it seemed jobs were out there, but that moving to a second career of choice was by no means simple.

As part of Jools’ Career Coaching Programme, we first spent an ‘intensive’ VIP Day together. My expectations of the day, with hindsight, were quite modest and simplistic. I was just expecting to be told what sort of skills I had which would be of value to industry and how to structure that into a CV. How wrong was I!!!! I came away from the day with a much greater understanding of what I wanted from a second career and I gained a lot of self belief & confidence in my worth – both as an individual and as a prospective employee. I also identified the range and depth of skills, knowledge & experience I had and how best to present them.

The follow-on support and advice in Jools’ Programme is invaluable. In my case, this ranged from practical advice on my CV, to preparing job applications, interview preparation, advice and feedback on presentations & salary negotiation to having a confidence booster on the end of the phone or an e-mail reminding me how valuable I was and to never settle for second best.

As a result of working with Jools, I have developed a much greater self belief and confidence in my skills and abilities. I did a rethink and identified what I wanted from a second career (as opposed to what I thought I could get) and I became determined not to settle for less than what I wanted.

Within weeks of starting the Programme with Jools, I have achieved a second career with a global company – with a salary and benefits package some £40k greater than I had expected to achieve prior to working with her.”

Andy Hall, Safety Engineering Consultant, Bristol

Amy Davies”Before I started working with Jools, I was feeling lost, frustrated and extremely anxious that my life wasn’t heading in the direction I wanted it to go. My motivation was virtually nil and I was beginning to lose sight of what I genuinely wanted to do with my life. Mainly, I was petrified that I wasn’t being the best that I could be. My VIP day with Jools really did change things for me. I left with a plan of action, which was invaluable. I gained perspective and focus, all in just one day, and Jools helped me to find out who I truly am. I began to question the possibilities for me that I had never thought possible before.I left the day with a new confidence and self-belief; I now know how I want my life to look and that I can reach my goals by being fully committed to what I want to achieve. With Jools’ ongoing support, I am so excited to see where this next chapter will take me :).”

Amy Davies, Illustrator, Carmarthenshire

”It has been wonderful to meet you – such an inspiration! Thank you very much for my VIP Day today and for all your help and guidance, setting me off in the direction of my new life and helping me to believe that anything is possible for me.”Caroline C.

DianeBefore working with Jools, I was in the process of being made redundant, I was dealing with a bereavement in the family and I desperately needed guidance in how to take my life forward. It’s no exaggeration to say that I felt lost and that I had no purpose. I met Jools via a work colleague and I liked her instantly – she’s such a wonderful person, who just ‘gets it’. In fact, I chose to work with Jools, rather than the Coach that my company offered to provide for me, because, from the first time I spoke with her, she intuitively understood exactly what my needs, feelings and emotions were.

My VIP Day with Jools was amazing, exciting, fulfilling and, at times, emotional. To my absolute delight, I came out of the day with clarity as to what my future looks like. I realised that it’s my time to take control of my life and that I can create the future I want. Jools helped me to make a plan for a portfolio career, which involves all of the things that I’m brilliant at and love to do – something I didn’t even know was possible. I now feel positive, motivated, liberated, excited about my life and eager to have new adventures.

I will recommend Jools to anyone and everyone! Jools has the ability to give you a deeper understanding of life and your place in it – she’s helped me to know myself better, to understand my purpose and to clearly see how I can achieve the things that make my life happy and fulfilled.

Put simply, working with Jools has changed my life – just as she promised it would.

Diane Wileman, Bristol

CarlyWhen Jools and I first spoke, I felt very low; my self worth and self esteem were truly through the floor, having just been through some very traumatic life events (loss of a partner, home and almost job and career). I was not myself, on edge and even slightly mistrusting. On talking to Jools, I felt hopeful and excited about the future, as though a veil had been lifted, ever so slightly, to give me a glimpse of what could be. I decided to spend the day with Jools because she was kind and warm and, even though we had never met, I really felt that she cared and wanted to help me – that meant a lot. Also, the things we discussed made me curious about what more I could discover and how I could become an even better version of myself.
My VIP day was really lovely. Jools has a fantastic energy; she is a very vital person and we laughed a lot. It was so unusual for me to have anything completely focused on me. Jools made the environment comfortable and relaxed and she was so compassionate and patient with me, carefully teasing out all the information she needed to best help and guide me. I felt completely cared for, pampered and attended to the entire day, which was something I wasn’t expecting. It was a real insight to discover things about me that I had not previously taken the time to consider or acknowledge.What I learned on the VIP day increased my self worth and helped me to recognise when situations in my life weren’t serving me; I have set about removing those things, situations and people from my life. I am able to set goals for myself now and feel I am on a path to great things. The VIP day taught me that investing in myself is important and it started for me a deeper journey of self discovery and development. The best thing is that I have learned to love myself – I am an amazing person and I truly believe that now. I understand more about my contribution to the world and what I want from life – this has taken me from feeling lost to knowing that I’m living on-purpose. Thank you, Jools.Carly Snowdon, Paediatric Nurse, Hampshire


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Happy in a Heartbeat



I’ll share with you, in just one day, the crucial things you need to know to be HAPPY and fulfilled, every day,
for the rest of your life.

“‘Happiness is the key to success in ALL areas of your life.”

Did you know that the things people believe will bring them lasting happiness – like more money, a better job, a new partner, losing weight, a bigger house… – actually accounts for only 10% of their overall happiness? Which leaves a whopping 90% for us to explore – and that’s exactly what we’ll be doing on our day together.

keyBecause true, lasting, soul-level happiness doesn’t just ‘happen’; it doesn’t just fall into your lap. It took years of study, research and working with amazing Mentors for me to understand the ‘how’ of being deep-down, consistently, unshakably happy – regardless of circumstances and challenging life events.

I’ve learned the HOW of happiness and now I’m going to share it with you.

Which means that YOU don’t have to wait years, months, weeks or even days to find happiness – I’ll teach you how to get there in just one day!



So, why should you invest time and money in coming to this life-changing day?

The reasons are far too many to mention in this short amount of space! But here are a few, scientifically proven, reasons for YOU to learn the art of true happiness.

Happy people:

gold_sparkle_small_tick Are more successful in everything they do
Gold tick Are extremely attractive & charismatic
Gold tick Feel comfortable in their own skinsp1
Gold tick Earn more money
Gold tick Are more likely to attract the right
bullet-sm-blank partner
Gold tick Have more control and direction in their
bullet-sm-blank careers
Gold tick Get promoted faster
Gold tick Have high levels of confidence & self
bullet-sm-blank esteem
Gold tick Have a richer network of friends
Gold tick Are resilient in the face of life challenges
Gold tick Live longer
Gold tick Live in the NOW, instead of worrying
bullet-sm-blank about the past or future
Gold tick Have better physical & mental health
Gold tick Experience high levels of joy,
bullet-sm-blank contentment, excitement & love
Gold tick Know their worth and value
Gold tick Have a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in their lives
Gold tick Make a massive difference in the world.

And being happy not only benefits YOU, but also your partner, your family, your friends, your colleagues, your community and even society at large.

Whoever I work with, whatever they come to me for help with, whatever stage of life they’re at – what EVERYONE wants, above everything else, is to be truly happy and fulfilled.

This is YOUR opportunity to work with a leading UK Life & Career Coach for a whole day, surrounded by fabulous, like-minded women who want to learn the art of true happiness and change their lives as a result.

What better investment vcould you possibly make in your Life, your Career and your Future

Places are limited to only 12 amazing women and this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

E-mail me HERE to register your interest in the next HAPPY event and you’ll be the first to know the date (as well as receive the Early Bird Discount).

If you KNOW that this is your time; if you’re READY to invest in YOU and in changing your life, I want you to be there!

Saskia Hamer“Before I attended Jools’ HAPPY in a Heartbeat day, I read all the testimonials on her website with a bit of a critical view, as the testimonials, to be honest, seemed too good to be true. And now here I am adding more praise, as I completely understand what people mean. Jools’ energy is infectious, inspiring and genuine. I learned a lot about myself in such a short time, including the key passions I am going to develop to expand in my life. It was also lovely meeting other women who, like me, wanted to take stock and think about the next steps we can take to achieve our life & career dreams and goals. I’ve even started to pay the life-changing things I’ve learned forward, as Jools asked us to do. I would recommend a day with Jools to anyone; she is an inspiration and an amazing Life Coach.”

Saskia Hamer, Programme Manager, Swansea
Cheryl“I came across Jools through a work colleague, who passed me her business card, and I just felt that I had to make contact – like it was meant to be. After much deliberation, I decided to attend ‘HAPPY in a Heartbeat’ and I’m so glad I did. The day was full of fun and it was a pleasure to be in the presence of the inspirational women who attended. There was just the right number of women, which helped us to feel safe and supported; it really was perfect, as we all felt like VIP’s for the day and had quality time with each other.The main thing that I took away from the day was not to give up on my aspirations. I learned that, as long as I have a vision, the ‘hows’ of achieving that vision will happen when I take even small steps towards it. I also realised the importance of being thankful for what I have and, since attending this event, I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal, writing down 10 things each day for which I’m thankful. It helps me to really appreciate the small things in life and keeps me in a happy place.Jools was fantastic and I would highly recommend anybody to go to one of her amazing events.”

Cheryl Entwistle, Events Manager, Swansea
SarahLynn“Since attending Jools’ HAPPY in a Heartbeat event, I feel so much clearer about my way forward in life and work; I’ve stopped procrastinating and started making plans & steps to move towards my Happiest Life Yet! I’ve booked myself on courses I want to take, started shouting about my love of Matrix Reimprinting to anyone who will listen, stopped saying “yes” to all & sundry and started crafting my ideal life/work balance. It’s very empowering! Jools is a down to earth, caring, funny and inspirational lady and her events are fun, interactive and get your brain cells working – all in a “safe” environment, with women on a similar journey to yours, which is an amazing and electric combination. I would thoroughly recommend working with Jools – if you are thinking about it, STOP THINKING and DO IT. You’ll be so glad you did – I am!”

Sarah Lynn, Owner of Emerald Dreams, Swansea
Fiona-GleesonJools is vibrant, exciting to be around and very funny! Her energy, from the start of HAPPY in a Heartbeat, helped everyone to relax and feel safe and at ease. As a consequence, people opened up straight away and shared their stories and dreams with each other. The main thing I learned on the day is the amazing power of positive thinking and how it is easy to become trapped in a cycle of negativity if you’re not aware of how to be in control of your thoughts. I realised that every one of us has the power to achieve whatever we want – we simply hold the belief that it’s possible and then set down the steps involved in getting there. I also learned about Gratitude and love the idea of keeping a gratitude diary; as a result of the day, I ask myself each day what I’m grateful for and there are many things. I loved the group of women that attended; they were all incredibly strong, warm, open and motivational. I felt privileged to be part of that and I will recommend attending these days with Jools to all my friends – it was an absolute pleasure from start to finish.”

Fiona Gleeson, Acquisitions Manager, London
“I had great time at Jools’ HAPPY in a Heartbeat event and really felt like her VIP guest. Jools is warm, energetic liz-staplesand, most of all, inspiring and the women there were open, supportive and just the right number to feel safe to share stories, experiences & aspirations. The main thing I learned on the day was to count my blessings every day and choose to have positive thoughts and use positive language – it’s so easy to get caught up in a negative cycle of moaning about every day things, instead of regularly stopping to ‘smell the roses’ and be thankful. I highly recommend a day with Jools to anyone who wants to learn how to create the happy life that they truly want.”

Liz Staples, Project Manager, Bristol
janet“At HAPPY in a Heartbeat, Jools gave me answers to questions I’ve been asking about myself and life – and, of course, because it was Jools, it was fun. I realised that true happiness is an inside job and that I can create the happiness and the life I want; in fact, Jools gave us knowledge and practical tools to start doing that straight away. I loved being with like-minded women and Jools was simply inspirational. All in all, a fantastic day!”

Janet Palmer, Scientist & Engineer, Bristol