You’ve Got The Power!

11oct3The second step of my Simply YOU! programme is to do with unleashing your Inner Goddess!

That’s because you have Goddess Power inside you that you’ve never even scratched the surface of and that, when you unleash it, will take you from the stunning woman that you are to the EXTRAORDINARY woman that you were born to be.

This power is actually the most crucial key to creating the life and work that you truly want.

In your Goddess Power Chest, you have many, many Power Tools, all of which we explore in the Simply YOU! Programme – and one of which we’re going to look at in detail here.

11oct4Today’s Power Tool is The Power To Choose.

In his book, ‘The 8th Habit’, Stephen Covey (author of the best selling ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’) talks about the freedom and power to choose as being our greatest birth gift.

Because it means that we get to direct our own life.

In fact, where we are in our life right now, today, is down to choices we’ve made in the past. Which means that where our lives go from here is entirely our own choice too.

How very exciting is that to know?

We are not victims of our upbringing, or of our life events and challenges. We are not a product of our past or of our genes and we are not a product of how other people have treated us. All of that influences us, of course, but none of it determines who we are. Because we choose and determine who we are and how we want our lives to be.

11oct9Of course, being aware of this leaves us no hiding place, because it means that we take responsibility for our present and our future. For many of us, this means becoming a Change Agent – that is, the one who stops unhelpful and mistaken beliefs being passed on, through us, from our ancestors to our children’s and grandchildren’s generations.

I remember, when I was a young Mum, one of my children saying, ‘It’s not fair!’ – and my response being, ‘Life’s not fair!’.

This was one of the unhelpful automated responses that I’d learned somewhere in my youth and that I was passing on to my children.

What an awful thing to tell young children – that life’s not fair! Children inherit most of what they believe from their parents, family members and teachers, by the age of seven – and what they believe about themselves, and life in general, directly affects their happiness and quality of life. So, to tell them that ‘life’s not fair’ starts them off at such a heavy disadvantage.

11oct6Thankfully, I realised, when my children were young enough to easily adapt, the disservice I was doing them and I chose to become a Change Agent. That’s why both my children are following their passions and their dreams – simply because they grew up believing that they could, knowing that they could choose the direction of their lives and understanding that their lives are a reflection of what they put into them

The more aware you become of this power to choose, and the more you exercise it in every moment, the more powerful you become, to the point where the Goddess inside you becomes the True YOU that the world sees.

In every moment, you have the power to choose:

Your thoughts
Your feelings
Your reactions
Your interpretations
Your perceptions
Your actions
Your words
Your aspirations
Your dreams
Your vision
Your intentions
The quality of your life.

And when you base your choices on your values, and what’s most deeply important to you, your life becomes an extraordinary place, where you’re being true to yourself, equipped with the Goddess power that you have available to you 24 hours a day.

Now that’s living powerfully!



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